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Buy tires – and the responsible exercise is very important. Rubber – among the most important elements of the machine, which is based not only comfort but also safety of driver and machine. How to buy rubber convenient and profitable? Winter tires and summer tires in general is a very important topic in the offseason. At first glance it might seem that finding the best tires on the quality and price easy – but it is not the case. Here are some simple way to quickly find good and cheap tires. As well as all sorts of other important things, you can now buy a bus to on-line-store. The secret of a relatively inexpensive price of tires from online stores is simple. Include on-line store tire (or any another) are easier and more economical than a conventional store – hence lower margins.

So that distribution of tires through the Internet now makes a serious competition to simple shopping. Purchase tires online is not only cheap but also very comfortable. Just select the right tires. In the form-order model is sufficient to indicate interest, the number of tires and contact information. , At the phone with customer contacts the seller and check Data about the purchase. Like any purchase at the online store, tires can bring directly to the specified address. Distribution of tires from an online store – benefits and distributor and customer.

These stores, as well as simple, sometimes organize all kinds of discounts. Free Shipping when you order four tires and other products – one of the most popular stocks. Buy tires properly! In interet store tires are summer tires and winter the best manufacturers of tires for passenger cars. Also on site: sale of tires for trucks and SUVs. To purchase a rubber, tires, add, tailored to your car in the shopping cart online store, enter your post contact information. Manager will contact you to discuss the delivery of tires.

SRT Service

Equipment for service from the company TehAvto can be quite varied. Installations for washing the fuel system, machinery for cleaning nozzles, injectors, diagnostic equipment, semi-automated systems for charging air conditioning, wheel balancing stands, lifts Straight sided, tire mounting stands – all the equipment for service centers provides an quality diagnostic and repair vehicles. When choosing equipment, the buyer is faced with many problems that are associated with the range, prices, delivery terms and warranty conditions. Good equipment for service centers is the right investment, which will bring you profit in a short time. Work on the modern equipment was pure pleasure, all the processes are fast and perfect. The new equipment is certainly a great investment.

After the new equipment will not only be able to perform a standard set of features, but also greatly expand your range of services. Year after year there are changes in the list of services that companies offer their clients. Therefore, manufacturers of equipment for service stations produce new kinds of plants, expanding the product range. Equipment such as lifts or car service in the stands alignment, testers engines analyzers, scanners, are always in demand on the SRT equipment or auto center. Large car centers can afford the advanced European equipment, which will provide new services. Small workshops, usually provide the same services, so choose the equipment for service centers in their requirements. Balancer and tire mounting equipment are the most popular in autumn and spring. In spring and summer demand more equipment for filling of air conditioners.

Modern equipment market for car service a wide range of both domestic and foreign manufacturers. Equipment for cleaning the fuel system and injectors diagnosis in a special demand. Service washing injector in any repair shop are among the main or additional types of services which do not depend on the season. Demand are also equipment for washing the engine and fuel system.

Bosal Russian

Hitch or towbar (TAS), and external to its simplicity, it is technically fairly complex device. They are engaged in designing the best engineering minds, and to develop new coupling models are spent a lot of money. The main objective of TAS developers, to create a model of couplings, which at minimum weight and compact size would have the high capacity and reliability. Today the world market additional equipment there are several companies that are considered leaders in the manufacture of couplings. Among them are German and Dutch Westfalia Brink. In the Russian market the most widely used turnbuckles Bosal (production co-produced by Bosal-Autoflex) and Baltex. Leading manufacturers quickly respond to changes in the automotive market and within a few days after the official start date of the new car sales represent a new model of the tow bar to it. Today, the greatest demand among owners of foreign cars are towed unit with a quick hook.

Products of the leading manufacturers of towing devices have warranty period of 25 years or more (some companies even declare a lifetime warranty). That's why high-quality imported turnbuckles are not cheap. However, the price – it's a relative term. BOSAL large turnbuckles European manufacturer of towbars and automotive exhaust, the company Bosal, well known to Russian consumers. Not the least role in this play JV "Bose-Avtofleks", created in Russia in 2006. Turnbuckles this company marketed under the brand VFM, and traction devices manufactured in Europe are sold in Russia under the brand name Bosal.

Turnbuckles this manufacturer have the highest rates on the strength of Russian producers of TAS. Performance Bosal towbars almost twice the requirements of Russian standards for trailer coupling devices. In addition, Bosal tow hooks are unmatched corrosion protection. Bosal tow bars do not rust even if the damaged outer layer of protective coating. They do not require additional waterproofing. The range of towbars includes more than 50 models for Russian-made cars and over 140 models – for foreign cars.