Protect Onsite Accident

If this happens, you're involved in an accident, you need to lose, but clearly act to protect their rights and are ready to protect at once. As shows practice of law, many statutes and court decisions are canceled due to irregularities in the the first actions of traffic police officers. 1.Popav in an accident, the driver misjudge speed of the car in front of arrivals, the distance at which appeared a pedestrian, etc., in vain underestimating the value of this testimony. 2.Na scene do not sign any written commitment, since, being under stress, it is difficult to properly assess the whole situation, and it can be used against you. 3.After accident contact a lawyer. Qualified analysis may show that blame the other party to the accident or wine reciprocity, or blame expensive or indistinguishable road sign, etc. 4.Do not agree with the proposals do not call the traffic police, despite vows to indemnify the promise pledged passport or registration certificate machine.

5.Ne is to spoil the relationship at the scene – a respectful attitude of the parties helps to solve any problems. Best left to negotiate an experienced lawyer. He had no problems carefully sort out the situation and quickly solve the problem. 6.Stav witnessed the collision or accident, in which the driver fled, you must write the number, make, color and any signs of the driver and car. 7.Obraschayte attention to all documentation. Improperly formatted documents traffic police officers, investigators, experts, judges, due to low skill, negligence or intent, can make the guilty innocent, and vice versa.

8.Esli is camera, take some pictures of the car, they will help in analyzing the traffic police to defend from unfounded accusations will be useful for long walking on the courts to appeal the traffic police. 9.Privlekayte witnesses if they saw the circumstances of the accident. Witnesses entitled to write their explanations about the incident, but a participant may request to append their explanation of the documentation considered in analyzing a Traffic police and the judicial process. 10.Dayte ad in the newspaper, they can respond to witnesses, the passing at the time of the accident. 11.Popav sober in the most insignificant accident, do not drink alcohol during the day, as employees Traffic Police may require a survey if it was not done immediately after the accident. Do not get lost in the accident, prepare defense in place and not be afraid to assert their rights in court.