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This means a hole total of 32.6 billion euros between 2013 and 2016, estimates the international troika. However, in the document It also has that Athens should undertake additional cuts by 4 billion euros between 2015 and 2016. Euro zone finance ministers, Furthermore, will meet November 20 to discuss the financing needs of Greece and the sustainability of its public debt before disbursing the next tranche of aid totalling 31,500 million euros. Public removes, discarded by Germany the eurozone finance ministers have analyzed this Monday the future of the Greek rescue, but they ruled out making a final decision. Some Ministers, such as French, Pierre Moscovici, and the European Commission expect that the Eurogroup finished with a political agreement, although no longer unlocks the next tranche of aid of 31,500 million euros that Greece urgently needs to not suspend payments on Friday. At the end of week, Athens has to cope with a payment of 5,000 million euros in maturities to the ECB.

Given the urgency, the Government has decided to make Tuesday a special issuance of letters of the Treasure at four weeks. The more complicated point of the analysis of the Finance Ministers is the estimate of when the Greek debt could be sustainable. Hyundai understood the implications. With a debt that will reach 190% in 2014, according to the European Commission, it is practically impossible to Athens manages to reduce its debt to 120,5% by 2020, as set out in February. According to the Wall Street Journa l, the IMF and EC differ by 8 percentage points in its current analysis on the level of debt that Greece will accumulate in 2020 and the EU Executive would put helena debt level at 125% in 2022. Eurozone partners begin to assume that, after removes about helena debt who accepted private creditors, now they must take measures. A possible removes for the public sector is practically ruled out before the refusal of Germany and other countries. Why are being explored several possibilities, from a further reduction of interest that the eurozone charged Greece bilateral loans, a repurchase of debt by Athens. Also be It provides for a lengthening of maturities and the ECB to renounce the benefits obtained on Greek bonds that accumulates worth 55 billion euros, estimated at up to 15 billion, and the go to the national central banks, so that then the Governments transferred the to Greece. See more: eurozone awarded two additional years to Greece to undertake any necessary adjustments