Construction Industry

For the state, a new system of self-construction is cheap, but it should be emphasized that it was very costly for the participants of the construction market. All the burden of financing the activities of SROs construction and formation of their compensation funds will now be building the company – their members. If earlier, in order to formalize the construction license was sufficient to pay the minimum state fee, but now the builders to access the market of construction works (services) need to be much higher costs. What is the size and structure of these costs? Entering in CPO in the building, the entrepreneur will be obliged to carry out a series of periodic and lump-sum payments: – entrance fee – contributions to a compensation fund SRO – payment of insurance premiums (in the case of liability insurance) – membership dues. Consider these costs in more detail.

The entrance fee is payable upon entry to the entrepreneur and the SRO is a single payment. The size of this contribution is determined by the regulations of the SROs in the building, that is, for each individual SROs. Contributions to the compensation fund should be divided into two categories: one-time initial fee and contribution to the replenishment of the compensation fund. The first type of fee paid entrepreneur also when joining the SRO in the building. Its size is determined by the law firm and can not be changed (see above).

The second kind of contribution to the compensation fund is different and depends on the quality of construction Business members of SROs in the construction and the state compensation fund SRO. In order not to lose its legal status is required to maintain the level of CPO compensation fund is not below a certain level. Meanwhile, if the this fund will be made any payment on account of compensation for members of the SRO in the construction of harm, the level of the compensation fund will be reduced. In this case, to preserve the status of SRO need to supplement a compensation fund for supplementary funds of its members. The more quality in the construction of SRO members will conduct a construction business, the less likely to reduce the compensation fund SROs, including the less the prospect of additional costs for payments to the compensation fund. Another possible item of expenditure entrepreneurs – insurance premiums. These costs are entrepreneurs, if, under SRO adopted in the construction of policies of its members is required to insure their civil responsibility to third parties. The size of the insurance cost will depend on the speed of construction enterprises, as well as from of tolerance, which is the company expects to receive. Dependencies are: the greater the insurer of CPO is required tolerances, the higher insurance costs, higher turnover of construction enterprises, the higher insurance costs. Finally, membership fees are the regular costs. Their size is determined by the regulations of the SROs, that is also unique. Total costs to date, many construction firms access to the market of construction work exceeds one million rubles. Compared to their previous costs for licensing their costs have increased more than tenfold. Obviously, these costs will be included in the cost of construction, that is their ultimate payers eventually become consumers of construction products.