Effective Collaboration Brings Success

100 Years Trabrennbahn Mariendorf, 88 years Walker read circular Berlin 03 may 2013: the family-owned company with 88-jahriger experience, promotes the German trotting Derby, a traditional event in Berlin, on the dust jackets of the reading circle magazines. Matching a flyer with the program via the Walker will be distributed reading circle (www.weissgerberlesezirkel.de). We want to break new ground, and so we will advertise this year reading circles about the Walker. Also we hope that cooperation with the Walker brings mutual success reading circle”, says Andreas Haase, Managing Director of the Berliner Trabrenn-Verein e.V.. The Walker reading circle presents itself with a booth from 27 July to 4 August 2013 on the Derby race Trabrennbahn Mariendorf and also the 100th anniversary race on May 12, 2103, and on June 16 to the Emperor BBs family day. Lothar Weissgerber, Senior Director of the Walker reading circle, is as Tempelhof with the trotting course grown. I can remember well, as I do with my wife in the fifties attended”several Sandbahnrennen on the Mariendorf trotting course, enthuses the senior chief. A long established sympathy to the racetrack (www.berlintrab.de) was created by there celebrated birthdays, weddings and guided fashion shows, over the years. Therefore, I am very pleased with our cooperation “, says Walker finally Lothar.