It does not allow more than the instructions that God grants to it through the Truth enter for an ear and leave for the other, therefore this indifference has a very high price for us! Alimpai you, therefore, I leaven of it old, so that you are a new mass, as well as stays without I leaven. Because Christ, our Passover, was sacrificed by us. 1 Corntios 5:7 is not more indifferent the orientaes that you receive directly from God when she reads or she hears the Word of Deus.Muitos are warm or cold in the faith and without hope some, seeing the occurrences of its life leading for a misery way, losses, sadnesses, illnesses But if to keep the Word never we will see the death, us we go directly for Jesus! It wants that let us have life and life in abundance! To keep itself I leaven of it of the fariseus and I leaven of it of Herodes is an important indication that is given in them, therefore they represent people and situations that they are still today, in our days.

Fariseus is religious that it only has this appearance, but has kilometers of distance of God, speaks, speaks, speaks, but they do not practise nothing of what they insist in such a way on saying on them, are hypocritical, actors, pretending, fanatic, without the true sincere love the God. It runs away from them! Herodes represents the badness, the mundane, that when it knew of the birth of Jesus, for not knowing where was, ordered to kill all criancinhas that they regulated of age with It at that time, therefore the king thought politically that they would go to take its throne and that it and its descendants would leave of being kings, speaking Well-taken care of when it hears and it interprets the facts to its redor, for not leaving itself to lead I leaven for it that it stimulated this king to make a great tragedy! of the rebellious children, says you There, that they take advice, but not of me; that if covers, with a covering, but not of my spirit, to add sin on sin; That they go down to Egypt, without asking for my advice; to be strenghtened with the force of Fara, and to trust the shade of Egypt. Isaiah 30:1 – 2Tenha eyes fixtures only in the Plan of God for you, if more do not leave to take for great eye, disdaining the advice who the Creator of to Its children! The disoriented people, that is, that they orient themselves with the adventos of the world, find that having good things, they are well, but they are completely it are of the Spirit of God and fall more to each day, although to find that not! They make things that find to be good and advantageous, but without the divine line of direction, and finish for seeing all its comfortable life and conquests, to go below for land, therefore they do not have stability certainty that we only obtain when we hear and we make, step by step, what Mr. guides in them! If she more does not leave to lead for the apelos of the world, hears, medite and she only follows what God speaks to you, therefore this, yes, is profit certain never does not cease, in granting the peace, joy and accomplishments in all our days!.