MagicMaps Scout

Outdoor navigation on BECKER car navigation devices of MagicMaps Scout is fun. Car navigation BECKER Z-series expands Scout 4.0 to the area off the streets with the help of MagicMaps. Included in the package is a DVD containing the installation software, an overview map, many completed elaborate tour suggestions and the ADFC bicycle network. This software is played on the SD card supplied, then the device is inserted in the Becker and you’s can go! The cycle path network is tested by the General German Bicycle Club e.V. and enables a Radrouting directly on the device target and start point input without any preplanning to the PC. The BECKER can be simply by finger controlled via the touchscreen device. This is an advantage especially when hiking or cycling.

The navigation mode navigate the hikers or cyclists along his planned tour. The actual distance travelled is recorded with the help of the Trackingmodus. For individual tours, the PC software is Explorer tour”is the ideal basis for planning. On the Base detailed topographic maps in scale 1: 25,000 or 1: 50,000 planning your own tours to the PC. The final tour and the topographic maps required be transferred via USB on the free space of the Scout-SD card. On the BECKER device can call the user then these maps and the own tours. Tours, that device were recorded with the BECKER can be reversed to read tour Explorer and subsequently edited and archived.

Who in addition do not waive on a paper map will no problem. The digital maps can conveniently print out at different scales. A height and terrain takes tours scrutinized, evil number on the road a thing of the past. The 3D-Panoramaansicht provides overview, by them provides a realistic impression of the topography. In particular the possibility to fly over the landscape shows beautiful trails and viewpoints. A search rounds for places the possibilities of the planning software tour Explorer off. MagicMaps Scout is expandable with topographic maps of the series tour MagicMaps Explorer (available for D, A, CH) and compass of digital maps (popular holiday regions such as Lake Garda, Mallorca, etc.). The MagicMaps Scout package also includes a bike mount for the BECKER device. With the optional external battery compartment extends the term for longer tours. MagicMaps Scout there as an extension for car navigation devices by Falk, as well as for GPS handhelds by Lowrance. It is available at selected retailers in the online-shop of MagicMaps ( and at the end of October 2010 in BECKER ( MagicMaps Scout 4.0 (D) for BECKER navigation devices 49,90 MagicMaps Scout 4.0 (D) for BECKER navigation devices with tour Explorer 50 Germany 129.90 MagicMaps GmbH is the MagicMaps GmbH with your software products specialist in tour planning, digital maps, GPS and outdoor navigation. Plan and analyze, focus on the road and have more fun activities in the nature the MagicMaps products make’s possible.