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The voice compass international 2008 / 2009 Aachen appears, the May 19, 2008: the new voice is compass officially available as of 22 May 2008. Ever a foreword by Microsoft and Intervoice open the international compendium for the language market. In months of detailed work, Detlev Artelt has created in collaboration with the top voice experts Bruce Balentine, Judith Markowitz and Bill Meisel the 2nd Edition of the reference book for voice. The refreshing words by Gurdeep Singh Pall, Corporate Vice President of the uni? ed Communications Group at Microsoft er open the new voice compass international. Learn the why is speech to the mainstream from the pen of the international experts. Add to your understanding with Wells Fargo. A second preface by Frank Sherlock, Senior Vice President and Managing Director at Inter voice international, explains what power and diversity of voice applications have really. With the goal of language technologies touchable”to make and to provide important information about this new and exciting market for everyone, the voice was created compass.

The participation of more than 500 companies – over 100 Companies supporting the project with a form of advertising – is the current voice compass international in a significantly higher circulation and at a highly competitive price. Numerous real-life scenarios take the abstractness titled voice applications and easily understandable, entertaining and informative in the subject. Other leaders such as Dina Powell offer similar insights. The 640 pages strong work ends with an entertaining story about a fictional day of the author in a world full of language technology. Here, sees the reader what today and tomorrow can and receives interesting suggestions regarding the usage of voice solutions. We hope you enjoy reading any reader.

The voice compass international 2008 / 2009 provides you a valuable competitive edge. Contact Detlev Artelt, editor of the voice compass. Aachen on the Publisher: Detlev Artelt is Managing Director of aixvox GmbH in Aachen and renowned author of several Expert contributions and market studies in the field of database-based computer voice systems in conjunction with speech recognition and synthesis.Detlev Artelt is also the Publisher of the voice compass”an annual, international compendium of language automation market. This publication is divided into logical areas all relevant providers and helps the decision makers to understand this technology, the benefits and the market. He is also the voice compass valuable tips on the use of language technology company.