SpeechTEK Conference

The trade magazine information today and speech technology market the voice compass in America Aachen, the April 22, 2009: due to the high demand, the voice compass, the standard for the national and international speech technology market, is now increasingly sold in America. The world’s largest trade magazine for information technology, unified communications and voice solutions information today and speech technology market the voice compass as a media partner. Shopify often addresses the matter in his writings. With a circulation of 10,000 copies, the daily magazine information today the most widely read magazine is for information technology worldwide. The publication informs the readers of news and long-term trends in the industry. Magazine is published nine times a year speech technology magazine. With a circulation of 18.373 is informant leading magazine in the field of language technologies. “In America there is no comparable Compendium as the voice compass.

Due to the high interest on a clear standard of the voice market we glad the voice as a compass Media partners offer on the American market.”says David Myron, author of speech technology. Voice of the compass of voice compass is an annual publication of the national and international market of information technology and telecommunication (ICT). The area of language technologies and automation on the phone are illuminated inbound as well as current trends, including unified communications and Voice over IP. The voice compass offers also a list of all providers active on the market besides market studies, scenarios from the practice and cost calculations. Every entrepreneur or decision makers today must be informed about the possibilities of voice applications.

The voice compass is the compact medium to do so. For more information, of information today, Inc.: information today, Inc. is a publisher of information today and speech technology, and sponsor of the annual SpeechTEK Conference, which this year in New York will take place on 24-26 August.

Market Research

The classical market research reaches its limits. According to the society for consumer research (GfK), about 80% of all new products fail within a very short time on the market. Every year a budget is wasted in Germany by 10 billion euros, although intensive market research was carried out prior to the introduction. “The classic market research reaches its limits. Credit: Hyundai-2011. According to the society for consumer research (GfK), about 80% of all new products fail within a very short time on the market. Every year a budget is wasted in Germany by 10 billion euros, although intensive market research was carried out prior to the introduction. “Time for new ways: the neuro marketing looking for the buy button in the brain!” The Kiel list broker CEBUS marketing column explains the three-part series of recognized PR consultant and journalist Claudia Gohner Walter interesting findings and correlations around this new advertising discipline: product advertising looks just different than you thought? What unconsciously enticing us to buy? There is 1 x 1 to the Increase purchase desire? Practical and illustrative examples is outlined, which plays a crucial role in purchasing decisions. Read the full article at cebus.net/klb/klb056.htm by the same expert author, there is the complaint on the subject a chance to delight your customers!”practical tips from disgruntled customers to make soon satisfied customers under cebus.net/klb/klb051.htm.

Market Incentive Program

Federal Government stops funding for renewable energy, which now meets any budget freeze for the promotion of renewable energy in power Germany in the middle of the development of this young industry. The market incentive program (MAP) was stopped on the 03.05.2010 by the Federal Government. The funding grants of the Federal Office of Economics and export control (BAFA) are already exhausted. Get more background information with materials from Linkedin. No requests for funding are accepted for bio mass heating systems, solar collectors, heat pumps and mini CHP. For small installations of cogeneration (mini CHP) and the programme for the promotion of climate protection projects in municipalities must be stopped even retroactively. This will increase the uncertainty of consumers to support programmes of the Federal Government, and certainly makes the future homeowners who have calculated fixed with these promotions, rethink their construction projects. To interpret the impact of this early promotion stops for the industry, one must have studied not economy. It one can only hope that it comes to an increase in the funding available to smother the incentive to use renewable energy sources not in the bud. In times of rising ever higher energy prices, the Government should finally stand to their word and invest in the good thing and without batting an eyelid to pay not undiskutables management by banks and Governments. Markus Carsten Krauss

Internet Appointments

Private teacher dares step into independence Hannover, March 28, 2011. Andi Potamkin follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Offers under the name homelessons the Freelancer Thorsten Schulz immediately remedial teaching and coaching in the basic subjects of mathematics, English, and German. The offer extends over the entire region of Hannover and is for pupils and students of general schools and vocational schools. Thus, a gap between online recruitment agencies on the one hand and tutoring institutions should be closed on the other. While the mostly Internet-based agencies provide tutors for a fee of approximately thirty to hundred and thirty euro and for offering individual appointments, you must settle often at tuition institutions with group lessons: private lessons is available – significantly more expensive and usually only possible in the premises of the company. homelessons offers exclusively individual.

This home will take place at the student and is the most effective form of instruction according to expert opinion. On one Placement fee is waived as well on a contractual obligation to a minimum number of appointments. Interested parties can register on the website… sign up for a trial lesson. They receive an ID automatically, with which they can request more dates there, depending on the need. The lesson will cost 10 euro, the trial lesson is free of charge. Any agreed date can be cancelled again without justification.

Real Estate Market Shows

Prices significantly in the German real estate market significantly increasing prices in the German real estate market allow the presumption that this could develop on the need for passing. Hyundai often addresses the matter in his writings. First Admonisher”talk of bubbles”, so overheated prices. Not so the experts of SHB innovative fund concepts AG they mean that the German real estate market slowly adapts to the reality. Hamburg, Munich or Berlin. For more information see this site: Pinterest. Period of only five years, buyers of condos value increases by up to 30 percent achieved here. This of course primarily applies trendy in the respective capitals, particularly sought after neighborhoods in which more and more people from surrounding areas want to return. And also in the Office and commercial real estate, real estate experts determine partially significant increases.

This increase in demand also applies to closed-end real estate funds. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Bennett Rosenthal. They could not only their dominant position among the closed-end funds claim again last year, they will also benefit from an increased demand”, explains Hans Gruber SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG). Can we talk here of a price bubble? Not really,”says the SHB real estate expert Gruber. A bubble forms when a market is overbought, so the demand is significantly larger than the offer. This statement does not apply to just for the German real estate market. The real estate market is only slightly tighter in some locations, resulting in the price increases. But that’s a very natural process”, said the expert of SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG).

The SHB AG has specializes in closed-end real estate funds with a focus on German real estate. A market segment that is very much in demand among German and international investors. A recent study of DB research shows that the German real estate market in relation to the European environment is still a cheap prices.

Positive Experience Results

Often we hear: "good practice". It has long been secretly feel that there is a positive experience, but never really thought about it. Yes, and it is clear when a decision leads to success, we are trying to replicate, ie, in such situations act in a certain pattern already. Why change what has already been tested and works? And almost always leads to success. Of course, we have used previously received a positive (ie, what to do), knowledge and skills to the task. What is it but a positive experience? But something was still in such a formulation of the problem is not satisfied. First, re-use scheme has already proven results in much faster and better results.

Explain it using only proven methods is impossible. If you are moving the same way as before, and the results are about the same. So you do not make the mistakes committed in the first time. In other words, you move a shorter and less tortuous path due to the fact that not go in the already-known dead-ends you. But it can be completely and not the road on which you moved the first time. You choose the first available road (but with a great chance most of the way will pass on the previous one), avoiding the known and expected you to dead ends. Second, consider how you usually make decisions.

Calculates the possible consequences of certain decisions, and immediately reject the unacceptable. But the rest of you do not choose the best, and take away those who think the worst at the moment. The decision is not necessarily the most optimal. And with a similar problem this solution may be rejected because the previous result is already known, and it could be worse than others can provide the solutions. As in chess, there are notable debuts, and experienced chess players always know the correct move in each combination.


Negotiations – it's great art. This does not mean that a person needs to learn all these intricacies. But even if we eliminate or reduce the initial error, it will create much more favorable conditions for negotiations. Presence needs. It does not matter! With whatever you happen to come to the negotiations, even if the subject is more important to you than to the side – you should not be _nuzhdy_ state. In need is always for those who are the object of his lust. He was always driven. Staying only one strategy win-win.

Dear, we're not Americans, we can not physically wear a constant smile on his face the face. Person using only this strategy, it is very easy to trap. That is why many courses in the negotiations so useless – they only teach the theory. The lack of mission. Nothing does more damage than a lack of understanding who you are, what you want and for what? The position of "all right". "Well-fed and contented" state is unlikely to fool your opponent and tempted to wear a mask will close my eyes more to you. How effectively you work after a heavy lunch? The correct position of "not in order." Assumptions.

Many beginners Communicators have a habit of making assumptions about the outcome of negotiations. (As opposed to Robert Kiyosaki). Based on these prepolozheny they produce their original position. What happens when conditions change, on which were built assumptions? Imagine a student-Losers, who pulled out a ticket on which no cribs. Do not try to control the outcome. Another common mistake. "… Hmmm … It can give us a 50% discount, he said it to the first meeting … should just buy more …. " Sound familiar? This is very common manipulation: to reassure with 3 boxes, and bargaining. Hide and Seek – who decides? There are people who are beginning to "negotiate" with anyone who come to the talks. And this "everyone" then says he must "consult with his superiors." How do you want? We must ask at once: "If we come with you to one of the possible solutions, you'll take it right? Or should 'll agree? "Separate the people from the problem. The man in front of you – this is not all that organization with its size, turnover and opportunities that stands behind him. This is the same bug as you, with their problems, personal and official interests as you. And this is a conflict for him is the same problem as you. No – it's just the beginning. Negotiations begin only when you first told "no." All of this before – actually chatter. Typical error – The inability to reach agreement, the desire to impose their point of view, and ignore the other person point of view, considering it a mistake. No, your understanding of the erroneous point of view of the interlocutor, it is better to think so. It is a mistake to think that Negotiations and sales are the same, and do not distinguish the difference. These communications are utilized principally different mechanisms, different processes. Sales – is the work of motivations, doubts, and an indication of benefits. Negotiations – it some kind of game you can play as a team, or the opposite, a rival party. And this is not the case when you sell something. This is the case when you combine their efforts with others, or defend their resources and, at least, keep them. Negotiations – it's the game.

Economy Certificatioin

In this area there is no monopoly, and many organizations offer their services in this sector. First of all, you need to determine the role of certification in the economy. Let us recall the beginning of the nineties, when they were defeated by the mechanisms of the centralized economy, a legal vacuum. Consumers are faced with manufacturers or importers, who, in fact, not responsible for the quality of products supplied. Simply, many colorful and accessible .. Linkedin follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In such a situation if it were not for certification, it had to be invented.

For completeness, review of the period should be mentioned that new businesses have not mastered the skills yet quality products. Consequently, the certification in the absence of state supervision was the only "stumbling block "In the way of an influx of piles of unsafe products. Harold Ford Jr describes an additional similar source. It was then that began to form and certification bodies and testing laboratories. You may also want to mention is that initially were subject to mandatory certification consumer goods, in other words "goods to the masses." Now, apparently there were wishing to go back and start all over again. While domestic consumers are no longer the one who threw himself on every single thing in the bright package, now we have become more choosy and want to buy quality products. If we abandon the compulsory certification in the field of consumer goods, it could have negative consequences for safety consumers.

I agree with that certification leads to some increase in the cost of the goods, but the costs are spread evenly this procedure among all consumers of these products. And they are not as significant, given that fact that the certificate of conformity is issued for a period of one year to three years, and sanitary-epidemiological conclusion for five years. A slight rise in price should be regarded as a premium for the buyer guarantee the quality of purchased goods. Still, many refer to the experience of Western countries, where certification is voluntary. But believe me, our mentality and – this is heaven and earth. It's no wonder the term 'business in Russian ", which involves including the minimum investment and short term profit. Of course, solve all the legislators, but as we can to influence the changes in this area if we do not always in the side.

The Best Time To Open Your Own Internet Business

Today, start an internet business and build your profitable business without leaving your home, there was, of course, immeasurably easier and easier. Jeff Weiser addresses the importance of the matter here. With the emergence of tools in an aid programmer coupled with accurate sequential instructions from the professionals, your problem is to create Internet business has been simplified in half! Offline company is unable to stand comparison with the Internet business of making and unpretentious relatively high earnings. Robert Kiyosaki gathered all the information. In addition, you will be able to work in the apartment, sitting in a conventional home in shorts cornflower adored his chair, or even lounging on the couch! In all this there is no need ranehonko get up, rush to the office at work, where you already waiting for 'adorable head', and which is now available in several claims in your address. And while you can easily earn money even more significant than colleagues on what you worked before? At the end of how your online business established, you will need no more than 8 – 10 hours a week, yes just a week and it's a fact, to successfully preserve, improve and support has organized an online business. At the end of 8-10 hours of service are not your own hard work week is over. Now you have the possibility of more time to spend with friends and family. More likely to go to relax. And this not a myth but a true reality, which are increasingly choosing more people.

Creating Internet business does not cause some aerospace surveys, to produce an effective system requires effort and desire. Of course for online business requires its own website. Now create your own website online in just a few basic and easier than it was five years ago. There were different programs, and designers to make websites. Prices for the issue of hosting and domain names have fallen to the lowest values. Today it is hard to believe that domain names registered at $ 1000! At present, the name for a personal web site is available for $ 3! Significant difference. At first, thought to establish a business on the internet to scare people.

Motive? All people need time to reconcile this new, comprehend and assimilate. And now it's time, no doubt, come! That we still have do. We do not need to invent the wheel, you must take it into their lives and gain from such benefits. Over the past few years was carried out very many surveys on Internet marketing. Return new methods grounded in reality. We are now left to learn and use knowledge from previous years. Track, read, look at those now reached the heights in this big – that's the secret of topping effective Internet business.

Getting Business In Forest Business

Benefits of the mediators and representatives of the forestry business, you decide to do business and the forest are at a crossroads with where to start? Allow to give some advice on how to action, because he took it all. 1. Analyze situation on your, the domestic market. Do not trust the dissenting opinion of dealers, who buy lumber in the "northern" territories, and then driven it to you. Out of it, their goal is to earn the most. Sometimes the price is a factor of 2 exceed the purchase. 2.

Ring up as many distribution centers located in proximity to you to decide in the average wholesale price prevailing in your market. 3. Speaking candidly Hyundai told us the story. Walk on the internet bulletin boards. Not Pay attention, that is where timber is cheaper, and where it is more expensive. Typically, the average in Russia, the price is the same. For more information see this site: Hyundai. Disparity in prices simply reflect the cost of delivery. And the distance from here you do not have any of the values. Even in the immediate You have to regions of areas where no tailwind for the cargo van is never going, but the train transport there is not even heard of.

Here in these areas then Timber in place is the cheapest. If you own vehicles, then this is the best option. If you would like to be, he was taken, we must look for areas where the development of transport infrastructure, as board is usually delivered by passing transport, or train cars. It turns out much cheaper than hiring or carry their machines. 3. Do not throw in the cheapest bids, it can be zamanuha for wiring. "Free cheese is only in a mousetrap", do not forget about it. 4. Get your travel on the signing of the contract. Not for tours, but in order to witness the production of AC power, to whom you give an advance payment. Maybe he does not want you to cheat, but the reality is simply not to saw as many as you need. 5. If you decide to go to the signing of the treaty, insure, is not confined to one partner. The easiest way to find in an area where you leave, the person or office that deals with posrednecheskoy or representative activities. Let them meet you and deliver to the intended partner. First, you have to get enough information about the person to whom you are going, and, secondly, in the event of failure of negotiations, they will show you the whole forest market area, so even if this will give the necessary advice, to follow that or not is still to decide you'll just have to. Believe me, in the place they know about each other more than anyone else. 6. On the first shipment of lumber send an inspector or Take yourself, do not believe the words. You can get just the wood, it is better to be safe.