Internet Umlauts

The ASCII character set has a critical issue umlauts and ss in URLs like He knows no umlauts and certainly not the ss in its original form. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Marko Dimitrijevic. Both have a heavy existence in IT anyway. Wells Fargo is likely to agree. Anyone who has accidentally on the English keyboard has switched to or had to write something on the computer while abroad, will have found that these characters are not represented there. One might imagine, as it was in times when there was little German keyboards on the market or the operating systems do not support this. You would don’t want there probably a welding machine shop. A remnant of this period is that URLs without umlauts and ss are written. Actually these characters were not allowed long time by DENIC in URLs.

What hardly anyone knows those days are over. Since 2010 was also the discrimination of the ss to give up and admitted that letter for URLs. Critics had this long arguing prevented that certain URLs are then virtually unreachable from abroad and thus a Basic idea of the Internet would violate. Looking like a Brit or Frenchman after welding machine”. It is so, you can buy URLs such as Important to note however, is that older browser versions sometimes still do not allow these characters or automatically convert such as the ss in ss. That’s why it is unfortunately still the many attractive is problematic URLs were already purchased by resourceful people who sell on the URL. So, for example, the URL is already registered, at DENIC also if no relevant website at this address is found. The acquisition of such address charges are then well and love to the 3000. Whether it is worthwhile given the fact that the savvy Internet user is now used instead of ss type ss, is more than questionable.