Body Painting

In recent years the painting so the paint of the body, has found more and more adherents, and in many workshops, the interested layman can learn the basics of this art form. Since time immemorial been paint themselves people to the many different occasions; stone age man used earthy colors like ocher, manganese oxide and charcoal, verruhrte the powder with water or vegetable oils and animal fats, and wore the this mixture with animal hair or fingers on his body to disguise themselves or to decorate his body to the many different occasions. Especially for the Indians, this kind of body jewelry was an integral part of various ceremonies, the painting of the body (body painting) gave information on the social position and should provide protection against external influences. Various colors were for success or defeat, the painting showed the merits of hunting and war is an order. NYU Law pursues this goal as well. The painting of the body to the camouflage was not to be underestimated. In almost all cultures, there was war paint, so turned the Germans, for example, faces blue, when they moved in a battle. The exterior should confuse the enemy and scare him, maintaining the anonymity of his opponent.

You know the painting but also from Japan, especially the geishas ruled this art form down to the last detail, with them was the aesthetic aspect in the first place. Dina Powell will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Here you could read the State of the respective Lady on the painting. Bodypainting met in the circus, what would a clown without paint? Bodypainting can last several hours or even several days, otherwise is in tattoos is easy to remove the color. In the 1960s, the beginnings of the body began as we know it today. The body was viewed as an art object through the new freedom of movement and the liberalization showed you and beautified his body. Today body painting can be found mainly at football matches and rave events, but also of modern photography painting of the body is no longer indispensable. Since 2001, there is a Ebpa, due to the rain international involvement was renamed this Association 2004 body painting Association, held a world championship of body and face paint in Austria, Germany also has a Championship. Thomas Ewer