The Toll

The truck drivers are our friends, at least some, because they have others that of the will to beat, or then to play a bomb, because thus it with truck and everything blow up, brincadeirinha! He has head that she finds that is God, until breaking an car in the track and it to have that to help to push, is very funny. Paynet understands that this is vital information. He has collector that she falls in the track and the times the user leaves running stops to beat in it. It has others that you say good day, good afternoon and it nor looks in its face. To even deliver the money it is a difficulty. M But all good, I think that I go to study and to be somebody and nobody goes humiliating in them, but only thinks Days of these, the receipt printer broke. Because it will be that it alone breaks when is those people braver and that they are with as much haste and wants receipt.

You exempt us Sir! The times I am trying to calm fera, until an angel, that we call track, appears with a small piece of paper, that depending on the situation can be valid our life or even though exempting in them of some you cover I find that I exaggerated In the start of the work, all tax collecting it makes a thousand notations, of everything what it happens in elapsing of the turn, after some years of house, that if injures caderninho, does not write down more nothing. In tolls also it has histories of ghosts. As they say: in the tolls of the santista lowered one, it has white woman, that is always in the last cabin, and for desperation of the monitor of the schedule, it always it touches intercom, as it was needed some thing, that is, to scare the employee poor person. Known music more as ' ' ler, ler' ' , it was made for us. While all are had fun, we ralamos very. Therefore of the next time that you to pass for the toll, if do not forget this, the collected money you are not for we, we are only making our service. The roads of the life always in them reserve surprises of which we try to unmask and as well as all job it discloses high and low its. I make a homage to the all that work in the toll, I have pretty histories that I go developing to the few through these articles. It was a wonderful experience, although many times tiring. But I bring good memories and great friendships. Today when step for the toll squares, is only the stroll not forgetting the good celebrity day, good afternoon and good trip On the Author