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New industry guide AG creates cross-industry review portal with. Frankfurt am Main, Germany, July 2008 – with the online of the beta version has to test the new portal from now anyone with Internet access can, finding companies and products, and to evaluate. The philosophy of the new company explains Hans-Gunter fur, the Managing Board of new industry Guide: we create a unique platform on which customers can evaluate even the butcher at the front door companies, service providers, craftsmen, doctors, lawyers. While it doesn’t matter, whether the customer to individuals or other businesses, obtain the products and/or services provided by other companies.” Involving users, the new portal will have also have a unexpected topicality as important evaluation portals to potential customers are examples of how eBay show where both buyer and seller are evaluated. Other industry-specific rating portals such as, or Ciao with According to own 2 million products in the test and 10 million registered users, show the acceptance of these portals and prove at the same time also the benefits for the customers. The new industry guide AG continues and linked to a single review portal with all industries, whether service providers or manufacturing.

It is now customer reviews, or pros such as restaurant guides or even Stiftung Warentest prove the high level of interest from potential new customers on individual information. Also, consumers pay significantly more trust than ads and PR articles concrete statements at the review sites. No one who ordered only a CD from Amazon without previously having read the reviews from other buyers. Our concept of a review portal that integrates all industries and companies, is new and is therefore used with security of many companies and customers. That guarantees a high frequency on our portal, as well as constantly updated data, the companies already in their own interest to make”, as Board Member Hans-Gunter coat of Executive Board of the new industry guide, Hans-Gunter fur, sees as experienced business leaders and managers an enormous potential of success for this Portal: “Recommendations of customers have brought ever more new customers than ads.” In the Internet, spread good and bad reviews but much faster and thus pose both opportunities and risks for enterprises and service providers. Our portal is live properly”, fur is convinced and thus form the basis, to represent a solid business model through advertising revenue. How to successfully market such evaluation portals, entrepreneur learned Hans fur through in-depth stays in the mother country of the Commerce of the United States. New industry guide AG Hans-Gunter fur Board 60487 Frankfurt of Rodelheim Highway 44 Tel + 49 69 / 71 58 94 – 0 fax: + 49 69 / 71 58 94-100 E-Mail: Web: