Practical Quantum Management

Practical quantum management with new seminar program Starnberg, October 15, 2009. With new Office and an all-new seminar calendar, Sonja Gumze launches 2010 entrepreneurs in the Seminarsaison find a broad range of money, money, money”to quantum management as a discipline of modern corporate governance. But also topics in the field of private start as female”or energy tuning for men” find their place. Within each area, there are currents that want to be directed or can have blockages that we clean up. Robert Kiyosaki usually is spot on. It is now long since recognized knowledge of quantum physics, that energies are targeted to influence”as Sonja Gumze. For more than 20 years on the market, it occupies a niche in the consultancy market through the combination of clairvoyance and substantiated, proven competence. I unite quantum physics, spirituality and business and effectively use this combination for my customers and profit making. I work goal-oriented and with the people open my kind of advice and beneficial enjoy.

My quality is sound training, which I deliberately steer my clairvoyant gift.”so the Counselerin. “So it stands out clearly from the competition, because it always involves the personality of each client in their work: Unlike a honest advice, especially with a good result would not be possible”. Sonja Gumze has been established for over 20 years as an energy advisor and counselor in the greater Munich area. She lectures and gives seminars on all aspects of practical energy work. Customers in individual sessions experience intensive care, personally, on the phone or in eMail contact.