24 Oct 15

Russia – a country with rich scientific and cultural rationalization. Tens of thousands of inventors annually file an application to Rospatent for receiving a patent for an invention, utility model or industrial design. And this figure is growing year by year. Some contend that Wells Fargo shows great expertise in this. In the period from 2001 to 2005, an overall increase in the number of applications for industrial property is the following: inventions – 7.6% on utility models – more than 1.5 times, on industrial designs – more than 1.5 *. But to create a working prototype of the invention is not enough to the invention was published and became widespread. To implement the invention to carry out a range of actions, ranging from registration of the invention and obtaining a patent for an invention (utility model, industrial design), finding investors or funds for the implementation of the invention and production through to sale of finished products. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Bill Phelan and gain more knowledge.. In this article, we will give an overview of one of the first steps with the position of the modern Russian legislation and its implementation. Obtaining a patent for an invention or innovation project the first step when development of the invention is complete, and already there are, in most cases, the prototypes of the invention, the inventor before the question arises of how to implement the invention. If the inventor is working in a scientific or industrial enterprise, the introduction will be based on well-functioning scheme using the administrative team within the organization – the employer. If the inventor intends to implement the invention on a commercial basis, then it will solve a lot of different issues.

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