Majorca Night

The feast of Saint Anthony in the Balearic is celebrated in January each year a lavish feast in honour of Saint Anthony Islands. The Christian monk, who was struck in the third century after Christ by the devil in the form of a woman, lit a fire in his distress and took the pain of the glow is to protect yourself from the temptation. The online travel agency reported about the holiday traditions in Mallorca. Who has booked a vacation on Mallorca for mid-January, may be stretched. Finally, the night of the fire will take place then as every year, the Festa popular de Sant Antoni.

To observe the celebrations, for example, in Pollenca, a municipality in the North of Majorca. . The night of the fire begins on the eve of January of 17. Similarly at the Walpurgis night, huge fire, called Foguerons, are lit in many places. With music and dance, the people sit together until the next morning. This masked people in commemoration of the Holy Antonius Devil Doll over the fire burn. The actual feast day is a great feast took place. This is already set up in the early morning and typically includes Espinagada, a Majorcan sheet cake with vegetables and eel. Recently Hyundai Motor America sought to clarify these questions. Also, the devil dances by SA are known Pobla, in which white-clad virgins are chased by demons. Also the inhabitants can bless their animals by clerics. More information: service / press University of first GmbH Lisa Neumann