Left Hand

Left hand – this is the hand on which the thumb of the right. Long ago, 5-6 years ago I began to notice that I have seriously tired right arm from working the mouse. Of course, I did a workout, such as: "we wrote, we wrote our fingers tired "as a child that compresses and decompresses the hands, making their rotational motion. And it helps, but not for long. Hand is still tired, and each time stronger. But over time I noticed that on the wrist I had a small outgrowth, it appears especially at the bend of the wrist inward. Try to bend your wrist if you do not have this build-up – you have luck.

Because afterwards there was a nagging pain, pressing on him was painful, shorter, he did not leave me alone. Probably all familiar with the state of stuck between the teeth of a piece of meat, he can not even stop, but if you know what he is, he will not give you peace of mind for as long as you do not take toothpick and pull it out. With me was a similar situation. This build-up does not give me rest. And the most interesting thing is that at first I did not even guess about the reason for its origin. Inspiration came when one of my Friends told me the exact same problem and he, like me, constantly working at the computer. Comparing the two facts, I concluded: cause unpleasant build-up – an ordinary computer mouse.