11 Aug 13

Design radiator – a full practical element of the interior in the bathroom, designed for drying laundry. You decide to buy a towel, but the variety of types and models of puts you in a deadlock. Let's see what kinds, types and models of design radiators are and which of them should be preferred. Right is divided into three main groups of radiators: Water, Electric, Kombinirovannye.Raznitsu between them shall not describe, because everything is clear. About what quality of water used in the Russian water supply systems, they know, probably all.

Therefore, the material of construction design radiator, directly affects the longevity of work. On Today, the most popular were two types of materials from which the towel. Stainless steel: as the best option for use in the Russian water supply networks. At the same time the outer surface of the radiator can be polished, painted or chrome. Thus, the product becomes quite stylish appearance and good fit in the bathroom. For the price of dyed towel warmers are the most inexpensive, and products made of polished stainless steel – the most expensive. Non-ferrous metals: in general, for the production of design radiators used brass, having a good thermal conductivity. But there are also copper and aluminum equipment.

Towel warmers, non-ferrous metals are less durable because of that used in aggressive environments at high temperatures. In a separate category distinguished designer radiators with an additional heat exchanger. Feature of this type is that the heat exchanger is separated from the radiator and placed in the vicinity of the riser hot water. Russian and foreign towel on the Russian market is a fairly wide range of both domestic and import models. But here it is worth noting that in Western countries designer radiators are connected to the heating system, while in Russia to the dhw (hot water). The difference lies in the fact that in heating systems use water is not oxygenated, as in the tank. Respectively intensity of corrosion is less, so the Western manufacturers can not afford to manufacture towel rails from a thin-walled tubes. Plus, the heat transfer from the heating system is deprived of all sorts of impurities and Import towel can work for decades. When you connect it to the hot water system performance deteriorates after a few months. This should be considered when choosing. Appearance towel Number models are so pervasive that in any bathroom You can find designer radiators that will fit well into the interior. There are several major modifications towel: M-shaped and U-shaped. Heat dissipation of such devices are generally not exceed 500 Vt.Polotentsesushiteli-ladder (heat ranges from 600 to 2000 watts). In this model, there are unimaginable number form.V some cases, when the design is projected to order, there is a need to set up a special form of the radiator.

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