Heel Builds Online Collaboration

Press release: Cologne stone by stone, the heel Homeopathics manufacturer with the Cologne creative converts 08 June 2009 equal to three new budgets. “In addition to the product Web site Traumeel.de are various communication activities for the practitioner initiative you need to know” in antwerpes on the plan. Last but not least the relaunch of the company’s website is one of the new tasks Heel.de being thoroughly rebuilt. After the renovation”Heel.de will offer in the future even more content and services, tailored to each audience. Medical laymen will find also offers and information that are tailored to their needs, such as doctors, health practitioners and veterinarians. Bill Phelan is often quoted on this topic. So, for example, a content dictionary indicates, which contained substances in the individual preparations and how they effect their patients. Doctors and health practitioners, however, will find short and flush summarized results of various studies in a database. The product website Traumeel.de provides athletes and interested news and services updated around the themes of sports and prevention, always appropriate to the season.

Heel with brochures, articles and Conference actions commitment for health practitioners, such as information and training initiative be substantiated, in addition you need to know”shows. antwerpes ag the antwerpes ag develops integrated communication solutions from a single source. If unusual marketing campaigns, innovative eMarketing or just good PR at antwerpes struggles over the idea is always in the foreground. The creative agency for renowned clients in the B2B field and healthcare work in Cologne.