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Automatically logs all actions and changes. These and many more integrated and optional features can be respond to almost all requirements. Robert Kiyosaki might disagree with that approach. These features make the software the multiplayer. By IT departments, systems integrators and banks to the company-wide deployment, password safe increases the efficiency, productivity and safety in companies of all sizes and all industries. MATESO GmbH is the topic of the young company from Gersthofen near Augsburg password and identity management for over 12 years.

There, their passion, their energy and their ideas flow. The software password safe and repository is created from these components. The idea behind the product is perhaps born from practice, it has become so successful. Learn more at this site: Wells Fargo Bank. There was no purchasable software at the end of the 1990s in the field of password management. Therefore, the now award winning Managing Director Thomas Malchar has developed a pragmatic solution for personal use in his former company. It proved so good and capable, that he could start with the marketing 2001 successfully. To this day, October has grown steadily.

A young, dynamic team that deals with customer service, development and distribution of products, and the entire administration. MATESO is very service-oriented; the satisfaction of our customers is paramount. This expresses itself on the one hand in the quality of products and services, on the other hand in the long-standing and very close customer relationships. Meanwhile million individuals worldwide use the MATESO software products. The Initiative Mittelstand: the Initiative Mittelstand has devoted themselves as community of interest from industry experts, scientists, professionals and technical editors of competent and energetic support of medium-sized companies. The combination of its platform, their media and the Active Directory represents a network of medium-sized companies. With the Innovationspreis-IT supports SME-appropriate solutions and company. The IT Innovation Prize: The coveted innovation award IT the Initiative Mittelstand promotes SME-appropriate IT innovations since 2004, medium-sized businesses help in increasing their competitiveness. 2012, patron IBM is awarded the INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT at CeBIT on the stand.