Emperor Alexander

After he was counted among the Kherson Province. Finally, May 17, 1817 Highly approved by the Committee of Ministers Kryukov position on all parts of control attached to the province of Poltava. In the city of Kremenchug and Kryukov not kept any of the ancient historical sites and even no more buildings have existed since the 18th century in order. So what can be considered as the oldest commissioned the construction of City Council in 1801 as well as the Cathedral of the Dormition church, start construction in 1801, the plan and the facade of which are recognized by the Emperor Alexander I by the elegance and taste is very commendable." This church Postoev part of the means of the city, and part on donations from individuals and grants to be sent from the towns comprising at that time is running malorosiyskogo general – governor of Prince Kurakin. The whole country is now occupied by the catholic church, the present area and was built in places philistine yards, which were torn down and replaced them identified other urban places. The current Church of the Transfiguration now arranged for the residents of the place of the old church of the same name, in that as seen from the papers' permission was sought for spiritual team. Connect with other leaders such as Santie Botha here.

" Place occupied by this the church purchased from the city coffers in 1800 godu.Evreysky bits and pieces, currently at almost half the population of most of Kremenchug, as is evident from extant data, in the last century has lived in Kremenchug "In small numbers," and in 1780 had there property and its special "hospital" in 1801 and renamed the hospital. By a decree dated September 27, 1798 Jews were allowed to establish in Kremenchug "Kahal and allow them to urban elections and if the public agree that izberat in office. "From the recent past and the larger events were memorable for flood Kremenchug was 1845. And the fires in 1838, 1848-1853-1855. Ruined many people to the fact that the Government was forced to give loans to benefit from the treasury with razsrochkoyu payments for several years. Finally holding the railroad through the Kremenchug in 1870 and the construction of an iron bridge across the Dnieper River in 1872, given the Kremenchug opportunity to have a direct bearing on stalitsami, Odessa and other commercial cities.

The holding of these pathways in the existence of navigation on the Dnieper River, in addition to private comforts and benefits should be very important to development of active trading in Kremenchug and profitable marketing of products Pridneprovsk impurity region, rather bogadymi natural products of their own. In 1873 in Kremenchug, proceed to the device artileriyskih warehouses, which is assumed to concentrate all the military supplies the Odessa District. Thus Kremenchug okazyvaetsya not only trade but also a strategic point. However, with this you can not not pay attention and do not regret that Dnepr representing so many conveniences and benefits of trade – in recent years more and more suzhivaetsya and shallower, and now more and more frequently heard complaints about the increase in indirect and shoals that make it difficult steamship message and timber rafting. PS Translation from old Russian language, tried to save the style information transmission without changing the words, so the text vstrechayut old Russian Cyrillic words without translation.