Corporate Design For Businesses

How consultancies can help their customers at the outside appearance if companies in Germany on the search make for a professional corporate image, they end up at one of the agencies of that bring everything in the form of the company name to the corporate font. But how do you recognize a professional design, what distinguishes a good logo from a bad and most importantly: how much something should cost? These questions deal with increasingly the firms, which are still among the most important focal points for founders and StartUps. Therefore, many consultants expand their portfolio in the direction of corporate design. “Just young companies have an increased need for advice not only on the business plan and the funding opportunities. Also in its external representation they rely on professional support”, explains Christina Muller-York by IHK Berlin. So that the consultancies can give first hand experience by professionals for professionals, the Berlin Agency offers an individual avero and expert advice on. For the designers have around Anne beer and David Doldammer compiled all the information for a professional corporate image and prepares them easy to understand. “With a kind of checklist we give everything to the corporate design. Starting with the logo on the font to the right colours”, beer explained. “And we show: a professional corporate design must be expensive.” Consulting firms also want to expand their portfolio in the direction of corporate design, obtain all necessary information at know contact: Anne beer telephone: 030 813 00 520 avero wanna life 5 14057 Berlin