Complete Farming Guide

Complete guide to Farmville to acquire animals and trees you can go to the fair, but it is quite useful to add some neighbors, who may send you these items as a gift, free of charge. I recommend that you return the favor of sending them an article. Makes the most of your animals in farmville: when your animals have reached 100%, can pick up the milk, eggs, wool, and other items that can be sold for coins. Begin creating! The construction of buildings can provide a strong experience amount. We encourage you to have the best farm are you overwhelmed? You need more space to grow, wide your farm.

Additional land can be purchased in the market for coins or farm cash. Remember, in order to expand your land, you must have enough neighbors. Take a look at the fair to check how many neighbors need to obtain more land. Never miss any Council comprehensive farmville guide are you tired of clicking on all that? You can purchase vehicles in the market to assist you in your agricultural needs, such as tractors, planter and Harvester, which you can use for plowing, sowing and harvesting at a time using your harvest trees to obtain additional coins. When your trees counter reaches 100%, you can pick up the different types of fruits that can sell for coins. The fruit does not rot, so there is no need to worry about this. In a question-answer forum Rich Dad Poor Dad was the first to reply. You can not stay behind, it begins to put into practice the complete guide to farmville. Upgrade the space on your farm in farmville! Well use your farm space will help maintain your organized plots.

This will increase your experience make sure you visit your neighbors. Help neighbors with everyday tasks like collecting leaves, scare crows, or take out the weeds will provide you with valuable experience points and coins. Want to speak with your neighbors in farmville? It leaves a cartel. Sign up for jobs that can be used to send messages, and receive messages from your friends. To place a poster, simply click on the button next to the name of his farm and write your note. Without a doubt, this is one of the most important points of the complete guide to playing farmville for a moderate amount at the beginning. When you start Farmville for the first time, make sure you save your coins. Plant and ara Earth with moderation of the first levels. You can gradually add more plots of land once you’re more familiar with the game and its mechanics. If you add too many plots of land too soon, may not have enough money to buy the crops. Leverages the complete guide of farmville tips do not have more coins? You log in Farmville once a day to win a few extra coins from the daily lottery. Here is a list of the best crops: Solo can also find this information in the complete guide to farmville the 10 best Farmville crops to gain experience: 1.Fresas (Strawberries) 2.arandanos (Blueberries) 3.Frambuesas (Raspberries) 4.Calabaza (Pumpkin) 5.Arroz (Rice) 6.Soya (Soybeans) 7.Girasoles (Sunflowers) 8.Pimientos (Peppers) 9.Berenjena (Eggplant) 10. PInA (Pineapple) 10 best Farmville crops to earn money or coins: 1.Tomates (Tomatoes) 2.Girasoles (Sunflowers) (Coffee) 4.arandanos (Blueberries) 5.brocoli (Broccoli) 6.Frambuesas (Raspberries) 7.Pimientos (Peppers) 8.maiz (Corn) 9.Arroz (Rice) 10.