Cement Sea, Or We Build – We Live

Life of citizens of Russia can be improved by introducing a new affordable and comfortable housing, and its construction depends on the development of construction industry … In this topic we discuss. (Not to be confused with Bill Phelan!). Thus, the construction industry in Kirov region. What is the situation now and what will happen to this industry in the future? "The implementation of the national project" Affordable and Comfortable Housing – to Russian citizens "gave rise to the production of industrial materials and construction industry – said the head of the Department of Construction and Architecture Kirov Oblast Vladimir Grebenkin. – Looking at the statistics, we see that the production of wall materials in the past year increased by 7%, gas silicate blocks 10% of concrete products by 16%, non-metallic materials, which include building sand, limestone pebbles and gravel – up to 15%. " The indicators are encouraging, but consider the situation in specific examples of projects in 2007 … One of the significant events in the industrial industry, held at the Kirov-Chepetsk LLC 'Prima Plus' has introduced new facilities for the production of 30 thousand cubic meters.

meters high insulation material – polispena. What is it good for? As the builders, this material is an effective thermal insulation, it is used in civil, industrial construction, agriculture. Also great its role in the construction of structures of railways, highways, runways of airports and oil and gas pipelines. Working with him is possible in all weather conditions without any means of precipitation. Undoubtedly, the use of components for the manufacture of material produced in our region also have a positive impact on the cost of the final product.