19 Feb 17

Like a year ago, the most influential woman of Ukraine named leader of the Ukrainian Union "Fatherland," Yuliya Tymoshenko. She headed the rating of the fair sex, which is traditionally journal "Focus." Tymoshenko has retained its leading position despite defeat in the presidential election, and significant problems in its political force – said the publication show business news. According to experts, their tireless, energetic Tymoshenko has proven that her equal in Ukraine in terms of influence on public life as long as it is not. In three of the prize after the opposition leader housed representatives of the authorities – Deputy Head of Administration Anna Herman (curator of domestic policy and the nominal speaker the president) and deputy AP Irina Akimova (responsible for economic reform). Another envoy Sergei Office Lovochkina Helena Lucas closes the top five. Rise People's Deputy, "regionalki" decorate the Government Prime Minister Mykola Azarov Bakhteyeva can be attributed to its activity in the "medical" committee of Parliament (opposed to the pharmacy scams area) and the growing prestige in the ranks of home parties.

They say that soon Mrs. Tatiana becomes Minister of Health. Climbed in the ranking of the journalist editor in chief of Internet publication "Ukrainian Truth 'and Elena Pritula first violin Journalism Ukraine, one of the founders of a major Ukrainian edition 'Mirror of the Week' – wife byshego Minister of Defense and the presidential candidate of Ukraine Anatoliy Gritsenko – Julia Bridge. This once again confirms the weight and role of independent media in Ukrainian political life. Although many journalists of independent media hold completely opposite views. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jeremy Tucker. Unlike its predecessors, is not quoted in Expert edition of "Focus" the first lady Lyudmila Yanukovych government. Contrary to what the wife of Viktor Yanukovych has become increasingly appear in public, give interviews, take part in various social events, her name in the top of the rankings have not yet seen …

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