Microsoft PCs

In a statement released by Microsoft, says that more than 60% of PCs are controlled by hackers or viruses. It turns out that every second the PC is out of control, and represents danger to other Internet users. Munear Ashton Kouzbari insists that this is the case. In European countries have laws that allow a court to give the computer user with spammers or viruses. At this web – site, you will learn what is variety of viruses, and what antivirus software to deal with them, how to protect your PC. There is a problem that the user may not have guessed about the 'secret life' of your computer.

The figures given Microsoft, certainly approximate, and know the exact number of infected computers is hardly possible. With modern computer will be able to understand any housewife, but recent events show that the safe operation ability to control the mouse is not enough. Published statistics indicate that the modern user must have the knowledge to distinguish danger from advertising tricks. Hazards that may lie in wait for you here, hard to understand, much less feel. But they are.

Every day there are reports about the antics of the elusive hackers, virus attacks, theft of banking information, personal information and other dangers. Samoperemeschayuschayasya program Creeper, created in the early 1970's employee Bob Thomas BBN for the subsystem RSEXEC to demonstrate the possibility of inadvertent movement of programs between computers. Creeper is not no harm: the previous copy was destroyed, and the virus moves to the next computer. Two years later, in the fantastic novel "When Harley was the year" by David Gerrolda were described by the program, an exciting system like worms. The term "worm" was first used in John Brunner's novel "On the Shock Wave," published in 1975. If developers are the first computers, networks and network protocols could look into the future, it is quite likely problems with information security today would be less. First and foremost – protect your computer against unwanted guests.

Modified Structure

The rapid development of methods of cyber attacks is increasing every hour. Recently, for example, the largest on line attack, whether it is online octopus, jump an avalanche across the internet, and so amazing with computers. Michellene Davis addresses the importance of the matter here. This class of infecting programs often used unterminated vulnerability costing software or penetrated the host, using the carelessness of an administrator. Now the situation on the field of cyber threats has shown themselves interesting, cause the release of new yavilos disembodied Internet viruses. It is this kind of dangerous code has a long sheet of great hacker of the epidemic, to immobilize a large number of PCs across the Internet. It's about the virus Slammer, appeared in 2003 and spread throughout the global web, making hundreds of stills PCs on different parts of the globe. A key feature of privednnogo type viruses, which makes these malicious codes such, is just, self-reliance.

This, represent themselves, independent pieces of data that fall victim to the host through all sorts of software vulnerabilities. And once on the donor hearts immediately come to the activity, and no installations, the administrator will not need this case. This is caused by the extreme difficulty of detecting and operational control. Now every half hour, and can do a couple of seconds on the planet discovered a series of new Trojans and many more types of old Trojans. Therefore, the operational response to the replenishment of special software tools as well as obtaining the necessary updates to the software used in Depending on the reliability of the whole entire communication network.

Years, the activities of foreign companies, which measure a number of conditions such threats faced much before, proves that even with technological problems, the main factor is human. Much depends on the server administrator, in the case when we conduct a large-scale enterprise. On the example of the same medium-sized firms with limited staff personnel in the department is a plus in the transfer of technical points on it outsourcing. And IT outsourcing in the number of points can also be applied in the case of large firms, but here, in this case, his organization would be rather peculiar for particular organization. Ordinary computer operator should be careful when moving across the expanses of the IT space and conduct periodic creating backup.

Protection Against Information Leakage

Information Security Center "EGIDA 'starts selling DeviceLock – the software company SmartLine Inc (SmartLine Inc), a Russian company that 15 years of experience developing software for the administration computer networks. DeviceLock allows us to solve many problems in logging and monitoring user access to the means of input-output data. DeviceLock can control a huge range of potentially unsafe devices: disk drives, USB-ports, CD / DVD-drives, as well as FireWire, infrared, serial and parallel ports, Bluetooth-adapters and WiFi, PDA, tape drives, any internal and external removable drives and hard drives. DeviceLock provides detailed audit (including shadowing) manipulation connected with the devices and data. DeviceLock helps solve the problem of information security companies such as 'AEP' Gazpromneft Khantos, Russian State Library, Inc. 'Trading House' Crossroads', 'GUTA-Insurance' and other companies, military and government organizations, banks, educational, medical and research institutions. Center Information security 'EGIDA' hopes that DeviceLock product DeviceLock, Inc.

(SmartLine Inc) will be a useful complement and help strengthen the security of our clients against information leakage. All decisions of SmartLine Inc (SmartLine Inc) work efficiently in networks of enterprise, and individual workstations. About 'EGIDA' Information Security Center "EGIDA 'works in the field of information security since 2003. Mainstream activity 'EGIDA' – supply license antivirus software programs to protect information and technical support of the software, including antivirus programs protection of any objects (workstations, individual PCs for file and mail servers with support for various operating systems and email systems, gateways), hardware and software data protection, and office software software (Microsoft, Adobe, Abbyy, Nero, Acronis, TopPlan, BioLink, SmartLine Inc, Kerio Technologies …).

Fortinet Security

The company Fortinet – the leader in integrated security solutions, announced that the Canadian representative of one of the leaders in the IT-market, companies are Fujitsu, deployed to protect its network in Quebec (Canada) Device FortiGate. Fujitsu Canada has chosen Fortinet products for the reliability of devices, a powerful mechanism for web-filtering market-leading performance firewall and VPN-connections. In addition, an important advantage was the principle of licensing SSL VPN without Depending on the number of users. Manual Fujitsu Canada in the decision making process of retooling the network structure with new products to make a choice among three vendors: Fortinet, SonicWALL, and WatchGuard. The key parameters of selection were: reliability, resistance to high loads, scalability, ability to work in a complex network infrastructure with multiple internet addresses and the magnitude of the cost of ownership of the entire system, especially its support. As a result, for the introduction of the device were selected FortiGate-200B, installed in office in Quebec, which provide a secure connection remote users to the corporate network using SSL VPN. Linkedin oftentimes addresses this issue.

For easier control FortiGate devices has also introduced a product FortiAnalyzer-100C, can collect reports from all the devices from Fortinet and perform their analysis. According to Frederick Abel (Frederic Abel), a systems analyst and architect, Fujitsu Canada: Go to previous solution for firewall products are Fortinet occurred at an incredibly fast and easy. Now, remote users can easily connect to the corporate network via VPN-gateway, while remaining fully confident in the security of their personal data and systems from cyber attacks of any kind. " "Positions Fortinetv Canada has always been very strong, and such contracts as the contract with FujitsuCanadatolko confirm this – says Graham Buschke (Graham Bushkes), Vice President of Sales Fortinet Canada. – It does not matter whether you want to protect your network distributed company or just the infrastructure backbone: Fortinetpohodyat solutions in any case. " About Fortinet ( Fortinet (NASDAQ: FTNT) a global provider of device network security and the market leader in integrated security devices (UTM). Solutions and services subscription companies represent a wide range of integrated high-speed means of protection against dynamic threats security.

Among the customers of large corporations, service providers and government agencies worldwide, including most of the Fortune Global 100 2009 year. Flagship solution Fortinet – the device FortiGate – uses specialized co-processor ASIC, which provides unmatched performance, application control and multi-layered protection against Internet threats. In addition to the UTM-Fortinet solutions offer a wide range of solutions for Information Security: Protection from the workstation to protect the perimeter and core, including applications and databases. Headquartered Fortinet is located in Sunnyvale, Calif., a network of regional offices located around the world. The official distributor of Fortinet in Russia is the company SafeLine (CC InformZaschita).

Internet Explorer

Such actions trying to deceive the firewall leak tests, hoping that he think that with Setyupytaetsya connect a legal application, and, consequently, to allow such action. Swarmed by offers, Harold Ford Jr is currently assessing future choices. One of the first well-known leak tests was a product of Steve Gibson of GRC under the simple name? Leak Test?. This program simulate attacks, in which the pernicious application renames itself into Internet Explorer, try to enter the network and identify, notice whether the firewall is installed such substitution. Since then much has changed, and today likstesty much more powerful and harder than their progenitors, they use much more sophisticated techniques of inspection programs. These techniques, unfortunately, are also used by the authors of malicious software such as keyloggers, to capture the target user's data.

Leak tests verify the ability of preventive protection, testing, as a security solution react to a specific technique of invasion, sometimes called 'vector of attack. " In this way they differ from the tests for catching viruses, where the test is the ability of anti-virus solutions to identify a specific signature code. Techniques included in the arsenal of leak tests Leak tests are too varied to give of a common classification according to their actions, they use different techniques to test the ability of protective programs. Their actions are constantly growing and improving, and, as a rule, the greater the leak tests there are, the better – more complete security solution to be tested. In summary, it should be noted that the leak tests based on one or more methods of testing, the following: attempts to fake name trusted application, located on the computer. They can also use it permission to access the network to send information to the Internet ('spoofing' behalf, the launch of legitimate applications with optional parameters); interaction with the legal application using the built-in Windows tools (eg, OLE Automation or DDE requests) change a running application in memory, the introduction of harmful components in the normal applications. Examples of such actions is to insert the component directly patching the memory, the creation of malicious Grad subprocesses, use of network services and protocols in an unusual way to send data. In this case the action focused on the fact that the firewall will not notice is not characteristic of malicious code, network activity, such as sending a fake DNS requests, maintenance service BITS, insufficient filtering ICMP traffic, installation of the system additional network driver interface through which the leak will send outgoing data, the suppression of the protective functions of the program installed. Examples would be an unauthorized shutdown protection attempts to change the active firewall, initiating shut down Windows. So check whether your firewall controls the operation of active programs until the computer is disconnected;

Mixed Search

Accordingly, an undirected graph – a graph in which there is no direction of edges (Can pass along an edge in any direction.) Mixed graph (mixed graph) – a graph that combines the targeting and undirected subgraphs. There is an edge with two-way direction, but there is a one-way. Thus a graph can be described roads in the center of Moscow (in the primitive approximation.) connected graph (complete graph) – a graph in which between any two vertices there is at least one way. It is easy to guess that any undirected graph is svyaznym.Tsikl (cycle) – a path that begins and ends at the same vertex. Sometimes referred to as loop. In the graph with cycles can be multiple paths from one vertex to another. The presence of cycles, greatly complicates the search for the shortest path in the graph, because in a graph with cycles is necessary to use more complicated and slower algorithms poiska.Derevo (tree) – connected graph without cycles.

In the tree there is only one path from one vertex to drugoy.Pro depth-first search. Search depth (depth-first search, etc. – DFS) is a method of bypassing the graph. Traversing the graph – is visiting all the vertices of a graph with a purpose. DFS algorithm can be described as the current node (if it has not yet visited), we are not related passed the top and repeat the search for them. Typically, the algorithm DFS is implemented using recursion – this is the most convenient and simple.

The Program

As can be seen, for testing web-based application has all the necessary factual set of tests can not be said about the windows-application. To test the windows-only applications are available and modular manual tests, and that's not enough for the normal functional testing. First, unit testing provides verification of individual modules in the source code level, and cover the entire functional unit tests very difficult. Secondly, manual testing to verify all the scenarios for using the software product time-consuming, and there is the human factor (overlooked, skipped, etc.), which could adversely affect the general result. Exit out of this situation is an automated functional testing, which provides: Automatic execution of functional tests, as the application interface, as well as services, applications, client / server, etc. As shown in the figures below (see Figure 1 and Figure 2) and temporary financial costs of manual testing far exceed the costs of automated testing. Figure 1.

Time spent on manual and automated testing of Figure 2. The cost of automation and manual testing Regression testing – that all the automated tests, which were formed earlier. In the development of the project accumulating a large number of functional tests (see Figure 3) and ensure their hand is almost impossible. Of course, one can say if and when the test was successfully passed, then why perform it again? But sometimes it happens that the implementation of new functionality or error correction can affect the already long running part of the program. So that all the test cases simply vital for developing the project.


Creator: NI Software. License: freeware (absolutely free). Release date: 2001 – 2008. Compatible OS: Win 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista. The computer game 'Millionaire' is not by chance has become one of the most popular games in Russia! In my opinion, this is the most successful incarnation popularly favorite television shows.

First game appeared in runet 7 years ago and now she has a variety of features not found in similar programs. And while the size distribution together with the sound is less than 2 Mb! Of course, game has gameplay similar to the original – classic 3 tips, 4 possible answers, 3-combustible amounts soundtrack from the TV show. What is it different from other versions of PC-games? First, it is an original design. Menus and toolbars can change the style of 'Office XP' to 'Office 2007', the toolbar is easy to remove if necessary. In addition, the in-game from December 25 to January 14, included Christmas decoration – even when you see the role of Maxim Galkin Santa Claus? But if it did not have to design to your taste, it is very easy to disable – select the menu items 'Game' -> 'Advanced' -> 'New Topic'.

In addition to the above, the toy is easy to amend current issues (over 2000) and add your own questions. Moreover, developers will not mind if you absolutely have to update it matters (for example, make a thematic game about popular TV series), and put his version in his on the site. But do not forget to put a link next to the original version of the game. In addition to issues in the game may be amended by the photo, name and replica host (his reaction to the correct and incorrect answers), photo and name to friends Tips 'Help a friend', as well as the background color of the main window and transparency of all windows games. Very interesting and another function – showing pre-made pictures at the beginning of the game and during the winning amount-combustible or after each correct answer (you can prepare pictures funny commercials and you will be real and funny commercial breaks). And, of course, can not fail to please the interesting and useful cheat codes. This window is opened by pressing '' and ask one of the teams provided by the authors: F (or FIFTY) – provides another opportunity to take a hint '50 / 50 '. K (or KILLER) – who said that we already called killer (a friend)? B (or BRATVA) – chaps, we should meet more often (this is a funny name to help the living room) … G (or GOD) – but do not call for us to God? GM (or GODMODE) – turns on and off God mode (you can use prompts any number of times). C (or CLAIRVOYANT) – turns on and off the property clairvoyant. NY (or NEWYEAR) – turns on and off Christmas theme any day of the year. 1, 2, …, 16 (or PHOTO1, PHOTO2, PHOTO3, …, PHOTO16) – photo shows respectively number 1, 2, 3, …, 16 (when activated by a display of pictures). It is also possible to play for a while (you can choose any time to ensure that choose an answer). The program remembers the participants and won their sum, shows their rating. So it is safe to say that this game is – a decent option for a computer. Original specificity, passion, dynamics and even clearance of 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire' transferred beautifully. The only thing missing this game – this Maxim Galkin!


What is included in the work on Internet-project (is not important in real life or in virtual). Results of several components: data collection, data analysis, conclusions, and implementation. In theory it's simple. On practice, all tangled up outrage. Let's start with the purely technical aspects: methods of data collection. This is, in fact, a key phase of work on any project. In only two are based on the principle – the principle of the counter (a special script, uploaded by users on the server side with the loading of your page) and the principle of log analysis (special files on your server, retaining all visits). The first stumbling block – both ways of collecting information to operate independently of each other and each with some degree of error.

This leads to the fact that the data is very difficult to compare and, moreover, to unite. Second – Counters are the most advertised and the cheapest intermediary between you and your statistics. They are massive, tailored to the needs of the massive and often provide their services free of charge, while a good log analyzers are already in the field of professional software and, naturally, expensive. Unfortunately it is the external counters, by the purely objective reasons, usually find someone in that much. Despite this, the statistics in a professional Most Runet users associated with it, however, apply. But in fact, in RuNet, paid counter is nothing more than an improved version of "free" statistics do not get rid of most of its shortcomings and decorate yourself with some additional services.

German Quality

Start Laptops in the 21st century are no longer a novelty, than ordinary, unusual plants and now manufacturers are making laptops bias in the classification imposed on them by the press and users. From the notebook fujitsu amilo mini ui to full laptop fujitsu amilo si with a diagonal measurement of 13.3 “- these are the models that you can go into another business trip without worrying about what you have to lug a huge computer weighing 4 kg, and this without additional accessories! We decided to consider the opposite version of the mobile assistant – a laptop with a diagonal of 17 “fujitsu siemens amilo xa 3530 given at the factory Augsburg – Germany. Most users prefer powerful and reliable notebook models with a large screen with excellent resolution. And this monster was also a control panel to set and bag-pouch. All these advantages can be found in the Amilo Xa 3530.

Inside Media At the center of the processor company AMD (Competitor of Intel). For many, it is no secret that over the years in the life of the company’s processors people have developed negative feelings and responses. To blame the heat transfer eminent processor: For a long time they overheat even in computers, but what can we say about the mobile devices. But as time goes on and technology continues to improve with each passing day. To date, the greatest heat in the laptop graphic organize adapters, but not processors. Get rid of negative emotions and obsessions of the past, take to the processor with great confidence – he deserves it.

Video Card Laptop Fujitsu Amilo Xa 3530 – ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 Hybrid Graphics c 512MB is not new in the computer market, but this hardware, you can forget about the slow work of graphics and easy game to play all the new items. Screen with a resolution of WXGA + (1440×900) and BrilliantView technology clearly and vividly displays colors and fine detail – being a huge advantage when choosing a model for working with graphics or web design. Fujitsu Amilo Xa 3530 is equipped with two compartments for hard drives that can store more information or to arrange an array of RAID protect your data against inadvertent loss. Blue-Ray drive allows you to watch movies in the highest quality. Results of Fujitsu has tried to reflect all the advantages of previous models and to remove all the flaws in the new models Fujitsu Amilo X. Design and construction was carried out in order to Amilo adequately compensate the large computers are not just casual users prefer spending time in the company of computer games and movies, but also for design professionals. He zamechtelno suitable for users predpochtiayuschih have at home “notebook” is not able to give a full-fledged computers, and even be a bit better, maybe a step, but better. Price ranges from 33,500 laptops to 39 million. The price range is great as you can see and is closely consider all options. German quality is the advantage of notebooks made in China or countries like “China.” Well that price is not too high and remains affordable. Lows in the laptop and there is Disadvantages: Just a huge power supply adds a fly in the total mass vpechtaleny who knows what technological features of this model. But the big block is not a strong drawback – fujitsu positioned as a replacement home computer. The same manufacturer might puzzled more detailed guidance for users is not very well versed in laptops.