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The rapid development of methods of cyber attacks is increasing every hour. Recently, for example, the largest on line attack, whether it is online octopus, jump an avalanche across the internet, and so amazing with computers. This class of infecting programs often used unterminated vulnerability costing software or penetrated the host, using the carelessness of an administrator. Now the situation on the field of cyber threats has shown themselves interesting, cause the release of new yavilos disembodied Internet viruses. It is this kind of dangerous code has a long sheet of great hacker of the epidemic, to immobilize a large number of PCs across the Internet. It's about the virus Slammer, appeared in 2003 and spread throughout the global web, making hundreds of stills PCs on different parts of the globe. A key feature of privednnogo type viruses, which makes these malicious codes such, is just, self-reliance.

This, represent themselves, independent pieces of data that fall victim to the host through all sorts of software vulnerabilities. And once on the donor hearts immediately come to the activity, and no installations, the administrator will not need this case. This is caused by the extreme difficulty of detecting and operational control. Now every half hour, and can do a couple of seconds on the planet discovered a series of new Trojans and many more types of old Trojans. Therefore, the operational response to the replenishment of special software tools as well as obtaining the necessary updates to the software used in Depending on the reliability of the whole entire communication network.

Years, the activities of foreign companies, which measure a number of conditions such threats faced much before, proves that even with technological problems, the main factor is human. Much depends on the server administrator, in the case when we conduct a large-scale enterprise. On the example of the same medium-sized firms with limited staff personnel in the department is a plus in the transfer of technical points on it outsourcing. And IT outsourcing in the number of points can also be applied in the case of large firms, but here, in this case, his organization would be rather peculiar for particular organization. Ordinary computer operator should be careful when moving across the expanses of the IT space and conduct periodic creating backup.