ABC Company

With the help of standard solutions of '1 C: Complex Automation 8 'automated the entire cycle of operations, sales management of sales planning prior to shipment. A unified database that stores the history of relationships with customers and information about the needs of clients. This excluded cases of losing a customer due to vacation or dismissal of the responsible officer, as well as the simultaneous operation of multiple managers with the same client. The program allows you to segment customers using the tools of ABC and XYZ analysis by profit and the number of sales. This allowed more effectively manage customer relationships and create for each individual customer price lists. Andi Potamkin follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

Organized work with regular customers: discounts, ability to work in the credit and prepayment, which contributed to higher customer loyalty. The number of patrons has increased by 20% as a consequence, increased sales. Pricing mechanisms implemented in the program made it possible to monitor competitors' prices and compare them with market prices. On the basis of analytical information by the marketing department were designed and carried out successful activities and events that helped increase the company's profit by 5% and attract new customers. Procurement planning and inventory management enabled a 30% speed up the delivery process, which is very important to the success of the enterprise, since the goods come from China to Russia through third country – Kazakhstan. Automation has allowed to manage a commodity that is still in its path. Initially, the goods are delivered across the border with China in Almaty, where he was getting registered in the system, then products are sent to other branches of the company. Thus, immediately after receipt of the goods in Almaty branch manager can reserve product for the customer.

Procurement planning is in accordance with the plan sales, which account managers are no longer on the statistics for the previous period, and based on current customer needs. It possible to accelerate the turnover of products in stock and reduce the cost of storage of finished products. Through the effective management of residues and reserve products at stores are virtually eliminated errors in the collection order. Automated Cash Management (planning revenues, control spending money) and the formation of the payment calendar has reduced cash gaps. According to the director companies 'TEMP-TOOLS' Dmitry Petrovich Kireev: 'Experts Chelyabinsk branch of '1 C: Accounting and Trade' (ICE) has successfully coped with the tasks. Our guide was useful tools management accounting, such as a report on gross margins, which we use daily, and without which it is not our future activities. It allows us at any time to obtain data on operating profit how each branch of the company and across the company as a whole. Much better planned purchases, which allowed us to greatly shorten delivery of finished products to customers. We thank the company 'ICE' in successful completed project. "

Internet Software

For many of today's online users at the moment the problem of finding high-quality and on the available software is not worth it. Since in the areas of global virtual network can be find a large number of sites that are not only gives everyone a very reliable software, and yet it does not require the payment options. Clearly, with a significant range of applications they khalyavnykh are truly the best solution of the problem for many users, particularly those from countries where wages can not buy expensive software. wn/’>Harold Ford Jr. That is why free software only practical gather in one place. In this version of an Internet user has the ability in a short time to choose the right computer program from a variety of free programs offered directly to the creators. In reality, sooner rather than make a decision about buying a commercial software, it is best to understand to what extent to pay a computer application.

Because in principle it is possible that the permit task is possible with the help of free programs. In order to make the right choice, it is wiser to read the entire review best software, compiled by experts in the software industry. Correctly Review compiled a chance to choose the best solution for whatever problem, and while most of all – do free computer programs. In general, the development of the Internet leads to what is including in the near future while requiring payment of the software may be needed only to experts who need small numbers of additional features of the programs that have normal internet users, in principle, not necessary. And Currently, in order to find a free archive, need only go to a special portal and find the best solution. There you will be able to choose the best set of enterprise applications that can be free and at the same time provide the ability to perform fairly wide range of tasks. It is not necessary to assume that the applications developed by world reputable organizations, you really need is vital. It just an advertising campaign, which aims to be able to make the business of professional software creators are much more profitable. And yet, if really the same difficulties to solve for free, so why pay? The choice of unpaid software provides the same time and keep your conscience clean. Since our licensed computer software for your needs provides the ability to feel really worthy member of society.

The Program

As can be seen, for testing web-based application has all the necessary factual set of tests can not be said about the windows-application. To test the windows-only applications are available and modular manual tests, and that's not enough for the normal functional testing. First, unit testing provides verification of individual modules in the source code level, and cover the entire functional unit tests very difficult. Secondly, manual testing to verify all the scenarios for using the software product time-consuming, and there is the human factor (overlooked, skipped, etc.), which could adversely affect the general result. Exit out of this situation is an automated functional testing, which provides: Automatic execution of functional tests, as the application interface, as well as services, applications, client / server, etc. As shown in the figures below (see Figure 1 and Figure 2) and temporary financial costs of manual testing far exceed the costs of automated testing. Figure 1.

Time spent on manual and automated testing of Figure 2. The cost of automation and manual testing Regression testing – that all the automated tests, which were formed earlier. In the development of the project accumulating a large number of functional tests (see Figure 3) and ensure their hand is almost impossible. Of course, one can say if and when the test was successfully passed, then why perform it again? But sometimes it happens that the implementation of new functionality or error correction can affect the already long running part of the program. So that all the test cases simply vital for developing the project.


What is included in the work on Internet-project (is not important in real life or in virtual). Results of several components: data collection, data analysis, conclusions, and implementation. In theory it's simple. On practice, all tangled up outrage. Let's start with the purely technical aspects: methods of data collection. This is, in fact, a key phase of work on any project. In only two are based on the principle – the principle of the counter (a special script, uploaded by users on the server side with the loading of your page) and the principle of log analysis (special files on your server, retaining all visits). The first stumbling block – both ways of collecting information to operate independently of each other and each with some degree of error.

This leads to the fact that the data is very difficult to compare and, moreover, to unite. Second – Counters are the most advertised and the cheapest intermediary between you and your statistics. They are massive, tailored to the needs of the massive and often provide their services free of charge, while a good log analyzers are already in the field of professional software and, naturally, expensive. Unfortunately it is the external counters, by the purely objective reasons, usually find someone in that much. Despite this, the statistics in a professional Most Runet users associated with it, however, apply. But in fact, in RuNet, paid counter is nothing more than an improved version of "free" statistics do not get rid of most of its shortcomings and decorate yourself with some additional services.

XML Information

Currently, the IT market is actively moving towards service-based, architecture (service-oriented architecture, SOA). This is due to the fact that corporate IT does not meet the requirements of the market. As a result, in Russia there are more and more SOA-projects, to reduce IT costs and proximity to the business of IT. Most businesses have a variety of application systems, many of which are inherited, as well as systems and platforms from different manufacturers. For IT services integration issue is topical. Companies seeking to improve their competitiveness through rapid response to market demand.

Business needs to make decisions in real time. But you need that modern IT infrastructure is flexible. For the successful development of an enterprise should consolidate existing information systems and establish a framework to address new business challenges. SOA-platform iJNet Framework Ultra – a tool for integrating business processes of any enterprise information systems, as well as the development tool of composite applications. Component-based approach, the underlying technology iJNet Framework Ultra , allows you to create a universal, easily integrated with different technologies, end information solution. Built-in platform development tools, composite applications, as well possible to develop corporate enterprise information system, combining the functionality of existing applications and data with new business logic and user interfaces. The platform is implemented technology-based J2EE, that allows herself, as well as deployed on the basis of its final decisions to use tried and proven capabilities of J2EE data access, maintain transactional integrity, security and resiliency. Platform iJNet Framework Ultra uses open standards for information exchange based on XML, which allows you to easily integrate with external systems.