Entrepreneurial Creativity

HHL – Leipzig Graduate School of management integrated course ‘ corporate creativity into their MBA program. Corporate creativity”(entrepreneurial creativity”) is the title of a course in the part-time MBA program of the HHL – Leipzig Graduate School of management. He was integrated by the oldest business school of in Germany in their MBA program, to stimulate creative thinking in the boardrooms of companies”, stresses such as Prof. Dr. Torsten Wulf, academic Director of MBA programs at the HHL.

Today executives due to the dynamics of the markets are faced for their businesses entirely new business models and solutions to design increasingly with the challenge”, explains the Professor of strategic management and organization. For this purpose, the knowledge and skills lacked frequently. We want to convey this our students, so that they can develop genuine innovations for their companies.” As a lecturer for the course of corporate Creativity”has engaged the HHL Jens-Uwe Meyer. The Managing Director of the consultancy the Ideeologen society for new ideas mbH, Baden-Baden, and author of five books on the subject of creativity is considered one of the leading experts for entrepreneurial creativity in Europe. “That the participants are taught in the MBA program of the HHL also in entrepreneurial creativity, according to Wulf, in Germany, where is creativity still widely as a playground for aesthetes ‘ is viewed, so far only once”.

This is different in the United States. Where renowned management thinker like Teresa deal at the elite universities Amabile and Alan G. Robinson for more than 25 years with the question of how companies develop new ideas and increase their innovativeness. The course is according to practical corporate creativity”at the HHL designed. In it, students learn how fashion companies such as Google and 3 M creative and innovation processes. You’ll also learn how the inventor of the light bulb Thomas Edison with System new products and solutions to problems finding (experience). “It is particularly important that the participants here as well targeted and resources saving proceed as Edison, whose Maxime was Professor Jens-Uwe Meyer: what can we not sell, that I will not invent also.” “For more information about the course of corporate creativity” at the HHL get interested by Jens-Uwe Meyer (www.ideeologen.de). For more information about the part-time MBA in general management at the HHL received from Petra Spanka (Tel.: 0341 / 9851-730,).