Business Contracts

How do I get good business contacts, for many years Geschaftsbeziehunge? Contacts are one of the most important cornerstones of an entrepreneur should have. Due to missing contacts important shops and much-needed business relations not be able. Therefore I would like to have a way of contacting here once write, as well as show an opportunity for the creation of a network with information providers and business partners. Membership at, of course it can’t hurt, but the contacts of which I speak is located at the place of own value creation or the company. The example of our company, this is the beautiful Jena in the heart of Germany. The online shop we are, we carry high quality and carefully selected decorations and accessories for all areas of the everyday.

After our inception we didn’t like probably all self-employed persons to a few business contacts, where should they come here also. The number of companies and Services in our vicinity is actually very high but how come I with the expert people, business further make me and very important that I’m human together. “Only if one is green” is also good results come out at the end. The first contacts be able experience by looking in various business directories or through recommendations. How these relationships are then run is highly dependent on coincidence because the selection of the available contacts is not very large. To increase this number, I have come so with many people in contact and then pick the right out to me. That me no wrong, please don’t run to all companies in your city and imagine there personally. There you have what pretty before you, especially since the existence of the required company not always at first glance is visible.

In my case, I came across an article at, which is an information portal with news and news from Jena someday. A meeting of the founders Forum Jena, which would facilitate my former favorite neighbor Jens Mende ( was announced! After a brief search I found out that it is a forum for entrepreneurs, managers and employees. The chance I could not miss me and so went to the trendy date. What will be waiting for me there, what people will I meet there and this is something for us I still needed during the trip. The event was the “black bear” in Jena, Germany (, a four star hotel. It was prepared for a comfortable quiet room with high ceilings. For food and drinks provided by the hotel. Good conversations, nice contacts, and new insights are quickly surrendered. Were other entrepreneurs with years of experience and advice in casual conversations available as well as professionals about promotions, business consultant, accountant, or any kind of service. Here I otherwise probably not taken already in contact with people that I came would have. The main focus of the founder Forum lies in establishing new networks of entrepreneurs to pursue such interests. Right, I wrote entrepreneurs and not companies with intent that is first and foremost about the contact with entrepreneurs, and secondly to the companies and their products. The emergence of the one or other business relationship, and new ideas and suggestions is of course intentional. Most will be procured through relationships and when you consider that you should maintain its contacts and expand. Even seasoned entrepreneurs who have long and successfully run their companies here have the opportunity to provide themselves with information. Have fun building your networks… Danny Behrendt