Albert Metzler

Or we assign just in case something one of the many drawers, though it heard Yes not there. Then, what is the reality? Reality is always what you feel and think. But if you consider not all ways, they remain trapped in one of the well known dimensions of their reality. New and previously unknown dimensions so don’t even open up. Christiane Gierke: Are habits and thought patterns indeed powerful? Albert Metzler: Yes, because we feel safest in vertebrate systems. Our life is full of countless small rituals. Think here of all mundane things of everyday life. We often not well cope with changes, it’s all alright again, if the change has again become the habit.

That can check each to yourself: take an any, simple object, you use every day, maybe your toothbrush, the Coffee can, etc, and make this item to another location. I assure you, you will go purposefully over several days, where the thing was always to find. Who does not find the subject, felt the urge to immediately restore back him, so that everything has its well-known order soon and even if the new place is much less expensive than the old one. For even more details, read what Ted Brandt says on the issue. This is the power of habit. And that goes far beyond such trivia and can assume monstrous proportions. Christiane Gierke: How do you mean? Albert Metzler: Order definitely has its meaning.

But we classify much usual patterns or at least very restrictive criteria. Secretly, we feel that something may not be right. So, this pattern arrested order ultimately creates havoc in the thinking. Thus, we live in a reality that never breaks through the limited scope of our imagination. “Christiane Gierke: what you’re saying can be found in approaches already in your book of alternative thinking”, with which you a wider audience has become known. Albert Metzler: Yes, the ability to think alternatives is essential to develop personally new dimensions for themselves. Finally it but comes to dominate his own thought not more largely of foreign structures that are not their own. This is important, because thoughts and feelings can be considered just not isolated from each other. Christiane Gierke: What is to be done? Albert Metzler: My CD beautiful energies is no instructions, and all naive well-intended advice are remote. Really at heart is that listeners can experience and see the beauty in her creative self. Why we often cannot detect this beauty is actually because it’s so easy. Maybe too easy. If you approach close to something, you can see finally also not more keenly. And we do not dare to immerse yourself completely in a dimension that we alone therefore do not know, because you not to self-constructed reality fits. Therefore, I also say that the world in which we live the reality of each is a mirror image of our inside and the inside of each other. So, everyone lives in his own reality. Just fixed this reality absolutely not in a steady way. Their own personal reality there just because there are as a people. And every reality emerges from the self out. If the thoughts, feelings and emotions change, a new reality, which is no less true than what was previously considered reality results.