Jewish American Council

Other participants were David Rosen of the Jewish American Council, who passed through American because with his israeli nationality could not enter the meeting, and other illustrious figures was none other than Rabbi David Weiss, a leader of the Neturei Karta group who was in 2006 in Tehran with Majmud Ajmadineyad in the meeting convened by the Iranian President to deny the Holocaust, where his friend Rabbi said that the number of dead in the Shoa was inflated. If you would like to know more then you should visit Christie’s. Together with the same lineage was the former neo-nazi leader William Baker, who found allies in Muslims to realize their ideas and participate in all events organized by radical Islam. It is not new that nazis and Muslims are United, they already did it during World War II. The representative of the CJA David Rosen told the Associated Press: what is historic about this is that it was organized by the King of Saudi Arabia. He added: Listen to the King of Saudi Arabia talk of tolerance, moderation and cooperation among religions to meet contemporary challenges, is really significant. What is really significant is the level of ignorance and the figuration of this desire and other participants. Rather than praise the King, should begin to instruct you and investigate about the family who is Saudi, which declared war on the civilized world to destroy every vestige of Christianity, Judaism, or another religion that is not Muslim on Earth. They will surely arguiran in his defense that Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran President of the Council Pontifical interreligious dialogue was present, or that Tony Blair also attended.

As function of the cardinal is to attend these events, for that his Office was created, and the curia officially represents all the Catholics of the world. That is not the case of the Carnival of extremists who attended. Tony Blair as representative of the Quartet of the Middle East had no choice rather than participate, furthermore lately seems to go looking for the Nobel Peace Prize and lends itself to anything. original author and source of the article.