For long term storage of wines, the wine coolers are used. They are equipped with a precise electronic control. The temperature can be exact set between 5 C and 20 C and kept throughout the Interior evenly and consistently. The set temperature can be read at any time via the digital display and checked. The stable, natural and height-adjustable wooden shelves offer a good overview for a friendly storage. So also Bordeaux bottles can secure its hold find.

Refrigerators n, an active carbon filter which is available as an accessory ensures the optimal climate in all Liebherr. Compact series reflect the wine coolers the design and lifestyle in compact format. They are suitable for the presentation of your best wines and due to their small dimensions in many places. The refined design blends in many areas of gastronomy, hospitality industry or in the a private household area. The led lighting can be individually turned and is dimmable. The LEDs often give only a low heat and UV – radiation. The high-quality wines, are also stored without taking damage, over a period of time and in the right light.

The compact series has two models, the Liebherr of WKes 653 GrandCru with its dimensions of BTH 425 x 478 x 612 mm and capacity 47 litres of the Liebherr of ZKes 453 Humidor with dimensions BTH 425 x 478 x 612 mm and a capacity of 39 litres. The latter Cabinet of Zkes loses a water tank at the bottom of the Interior the larger freezer 453 Humidor due. Up to one liter of distilled water can be filled in this container. If you would like to know more about Ted Brandt , then click here. So, a humidity between 68% and 75% is granted, is regulated by the moisture sensors. A Visual indicator signals when water must be refilled. To all final offers the practical utensil tray, that consists of high-quality wood storage facilities, for the wine utensils or small pleasure companions like Pralines and chocolate also soft-spoken served to round off the pleasure of wine can be. Michael Jopke