The Cons

Diagonal modest, and the sun does not see anything. Performance smartphone at the secondary level, some toys noticeably slow down, but if all of these shortcomings are not critical for you, feel free to recommend this smartphone. Fourth place – SAMSUNG i450 (7,500 rubles). Despite the fact that the phone is on sale for over a year, the unit is still competitive in its class. A rather unusual form factor 'dual slider', the axis of Symbian 9.2, the display size of 2.4 inches, battery works 2 days in normal mode and 12 hours of music playback non-stop. CPU power in the smartphone as a high level.

The model served as a music phone has a 3.5mm jack that will allow connect any headphones. Now for the cons: horrible compatibility with software for Symbian, a few months of active use appears backlash, a terrible camera and no WI-FI. All this, as you already understood, is a price to pay for attractive price tag. Third place – NOKIA E51 (9000 rubles) one hundred percent business smartphone, made in an elegant style, with a very strong case, includes a handy e-mail client, a battery capable of operating within three or four days without recharging at a fairly active use. The presence of WI-FI, the possibility to work both in GSM, and in 3G networks. Still an advantage can be attributed a very comfortable keyboard.

And then, unfortunately, was not without flaws. Display rather small for surfing the net, play the video quality is normal too fail. In addition, very frail camera. Second place – SAMSUNG L870 (8000 rubles) This elegant slider phone, covered in metal, went on sale six months ago. Please note, before you probably the best (!) Budget for the smartphone business. Posh display diagonal is 2.4, a powerful processor allows you to seamlessly play back video in 'native resolution' and play 3D heaped Toys for Symbian. Yet the main feature of this phone is a suite of applications at once bundled. Most interesting: a program to post photos on social networking, business card scanner, and to count the family softina budget crisis that is especially relevant. Specific disadvantages of only two: the lack of WI-FI and GPS. Although if they were present, so the quality unit would be in a different price segment. First place – NOKIA N78 (10 800 rubles) And here is the winner! The best smartphone in this price range, no other you will not find such an extensive functionality. N 78 includes WI-FI, GPS, decent sound, and the processor with a frequency of 342 MHz provides excellent performance. Camera 'only' 3.2 megapixels, but the pictures come out very good. The screen of this smartphone with a diagonal of 2.4 is quite impressive. It is great for reading books, surfing the internet and watching videos. Design smartphone very effective, though Glossy front socket is too easily soiled. In general, if you have such funds to purchase the phone, then N 78 will be your best choice! All the phones from this collection are good enough, you can only pick up smartphone for your needs, be it music or business.