Italian Classics: Bags Furla

Furla – a family business. Three generations of Italian families Furlanetto worked to create a style Furla, today became a classic and a benchmark to follow. Aldo Furlanetto and his wife Margherita History Furla began in 1927. Italian Aldo Furlanetto traveled Europe, selling women's trinkets and small leather goods. In 1955, Aldo Furlanetto opened its first store in Bologna accessories brand Furla. Aldo Furlanetto realized that women need more refined accessories, he wanted to make leather products for sophisticated women. However, only in the late 70s she appeared Furla, you know and love the most elegant ladies of the world.

In 1977, the children of Aldo Furlanetto (Giovanna, Carlo and Paolo) created the first collection of leather bags. The success of the collection was an instant. Children of Carlo (Michele, Marco and Filippo) and son Giovanna – Giuseppe continued development of the brand Furla. Today the company has a large network of Furla stores. Milan, Paris, London, New York … – fashionable products Furla sold in 196 cities around the world in 64 countries. Made in Italy at affordable Many prices well-known Italian brand moved production to China.

Furla differs from them, which creates a great handbags from the finest Italian leather the best Italian craftsmen in Italy directly. Furla guide explains that they do not risk to make its production outside Italy, "not to lose that" artisan "style typical of the Italian tradition and being part of a huge cultural baggage, which always different from Italy. " Thus, Furla offers the true Italian quality and it is now its competitive advantage. However, the Furla bags can not be considered too expensive, if appreciate the level of the brand. For example, the price starts from Furla bags $ 300. Collection bags Furla, Spring-Summer 2008 Giovanna Furlanetto for Furla Giovanna Furlanetto (head of the fashion house Furla) has succeeded in maintaining the brand's popularity in the 21st century and an increase in sales worldwide. But this did not achieve its end: Giovanna has created an exclusive line of handbags Giovanna Furlanetto for Furla. Furla Talent Hub Furla Talent Hub – a search program of young creators. As part of the Talent Hub talented designers create a collection for Furla. Bags Furla: Youth Line Talent Hub, for Spring-Summer 2008