Inter alia "Secondary educational" learning a language does not give a complete picture of modern slang, idiomatiki, information about the style of life and madder communication in modern France. Although knowledge of French today, not only "Nice", but also, inter alia, be useful. For example, today in France, public higher education is given free of charge, and scientific foundations and universities provide a range of scholarships and grants for education and training, a prerequisite of which is knowledge of French. At the same time, remember that the French language is spoken not only in France and Paris. French is the official language in 33 countries, including Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

In addition, this language is working in a number of global organizations. By the way, you anyway will also have the French language, if your activities related to computer science, laser, space and aviation technologies. Incidentally, the French business – school confidently holding the first places in the rankings of European countries. And yet, whatever the appearances, France was, is and likely will remain legislator of fashion trends. At the mere mention of France, once an association with spirits, wine, fashion and romance, beauty, grace and sophistication. So, maybe it's worth see all the eyes, wash our hands and go to France, in the city of lovers, all look at ourselves and at the same time, learn the language in the linguistic environment. By the way, a detailed map of Paris, almost the first thing to learn in the classroom language, everyone knows who had to learn the language.