Municipal Council

Sometimes, when luck was with us, stood a young half naked, revealing her breast with the nipple erect. Were innocent and fun times. My friend came home often to bathe in our small raft. He appeared as Mickey Baker. My mother was enough. Merendabamos slices of bread with margarine and sugar, which ate my friend. We played with my brothers and climbed trees with the agility of a cat. One Sunday I was invited to hold a Communion table in his house and mud.

Naturally ate a rabbit out of their own cages. With rice as it should. And freshly baked bread. He walked me to school sometimes with his cart loaded before making the deal. He stayed in the doorway looking at me as I melted into the mass of students rushed. There was incomprehension in his eyes dark about the fate that separated us. – Baker, junkyard! "Shouted some. Miguelito is pushing your car away, oblivious to the evil falsely of many.

A night at home, I told my concerns to my mamucha. I felt sorry that my friend could not go to school, or learn in a position, or eat their fill. It hurt him live between tables by running rats, with the pungent smell of stale. My beloved Mary kept looking at me, excited by what he heard. "I'll hand in the matter," she said simply. And my mother kept word … He wrote to the authorities, explaining the misery we had neighbor. His words came to mind of a senior official, who took appointment with Mommy to study the case. The arrival of the officer with his motorcycle escort was an event in the neighborhood. They were journalists and even a well-known radio announcer. Accompanied by six brothers and my mom headed we present ourselves to the semicircle of huts. Residents left their homes. Worthy, beautiful, very noble. They took photos, signed up last names and dates of birth, data were recorded. And the party pledging left than anyone thought for a moment. A few months went by until one morning the postman arrived with a stack of envelopes. In each containing the name to which it was intended. Feverishly opened the letters and read them Miguelito aloud. His parents and family were able to decipher only large letters, and did not understand very well the administrative language. All letters contained similar language: a unanimous decision of the Municipal Council, were attributed to two separate flats above target at the periphery, in the same building for the family to remain united. And they cited a notary to sign the agreed title. It cried a lot that day, laughing with joy. Rabbit and ate rice and fried with garlic thrushes. We hugged for the last time one day and Miguelito went to his destination. A house with a bathroom. Without electricity rats and did not have to "depart." Enjoying his own room. Poverty had been discriminated against from birth, school and punished without depriving it of necessary. My mother acted with enormous heart. He used his fame and his name sake. It was a ray of light that illuminated those lives. A discrete example of those who do not forget … Jose SPITZER-YSBERT