RBC Clients

All managers and Trademark other members of the marketing department must report on-line service for all news and events related to the company's products. In services, on average, Nestle employs 10 people, skilled operator can respond 8-10 calls per hour. Naturally, such work can not be compared to the effectiveness of advertising or public information campaign in the press. However, such contacts with consumers helps to maintain the sale of a product at sufficiently high level. Banks Banking structures in Russia are in no hurry to adopt modern call centers contact centers, for which often come under a flurry of fair criticism. The first sall centers (contact center), as the RBC daily, appeared in Russian banks 2-3 years ago, replacing the traditional multi-channel lines.

As expected, computer-integrated telephone system will significantly reduce the cost of the communication process of the call center (contact center) with clients as well as the number of contacts increased exponentially, only banks have gone into the retail market. People were more likely to ask: 'how to get to the bank? " 'Differs from the Visa card Maestro?' etc. However, operators accustomed to serving corporate clients, were helpless in front of the shaft of the same type, but the emotional phone calls. Embedded sall centers (contact center, call centers) in many cases also proved futile, as at the time of purchase the business processes of banks have been designed to work only with corporate clients, respectively, the configuration and power sall center (contact center) ordered on the basis of existing needs.