Influence Status

Individual's activity is determined by its consciousness, organizing this activity after recognizing the needs born and ways to satisfy it. But as far as ways to meet those needs that are generated by the social divisions (such as ways to improve the system of distribution of wealth in society) – is aware of (open) these paths are no easier than to make discoveries in any field of knowledge, where discoveries are made only as a rare exception in parallel by several people, and usually one person, with subsequent spread open knowledge among the rest of society. Therefore, the vast majority of people are coming to realize how to improve industrial relations are not independent in the process of thinking about its socioeconomic status, and in the process of perception of revolutionary ideas, developed and promoted by leaders of the revolutionaries. For more information see Hyundai. On the basis of which, one could argue that no true idea of the revolutionary activity of people determined by their socio-economic status. Socio-economic status of men that determines their consciousness only a predisposition to accept the counter-revolutionary or propaganda. Revolutionize or kontrrevolyutsionizatsiya mind the vast majority of people are in the process of promoting the ideas and theories developed by the leaders of the relevant social forces.

Yes history is made by the masses. But the masses run lead. The influence of personality on the development of social processes, the greater a greater influence on the consciousness of the identity of this individual, and thus the public consciousness groups, classes and nations.