The festival had its first ion in April 1999 organized by the – then – Secretary of Culture of Henry Fool Government of Buenos Aires. We used major cinemas, some of the Hoyts chain and other more traditional, or usually engaged in noncommercial theater. The festival featured over 146 guests this year, including recognized international figures such as Francis Ford Coppola, Todd Haynes and Paul Morrissey among others and were screened over 150 films between domestic and foreign. The call was about 120,000 spectators. Since then every year is repeated each time with much choice of films and activities, parallel activities (com talks, lectures and workshops), and an equally growing public call for the festival. About Bafici Year after year, becoming one of the most important film festivals in the world with significant recognition and a place of honor in the international film calendar.It is recognized as a key vehicle for promoting independent production, which Fay Grim here can show the most innovative films, adventurous and committed. The festival integrates through its extensive program, various cultural expressions, brings together acclaimed directors and new talents in a dynamic field. With a wide range of films that includes world premieres, Argentine and Latin American as well-deserved retrospective, is the largest and most prestigious event for independent film in Latin America. The total attendance figures are increasing year after year: the 184,500 people who met in 2005, the BAFICI had a turnout of more than Henry 220 thousand visitors in 2008, distributed in 1011 in the 9 specific functions festival venues. These and other data support the conclusion that it was the most successful ion in its history, with record of tickets sold (more than 167 thousand) and the novelty of an interesting cycle of Argentine cinema outdoors in neighborhood Carlos Gardel Abasto.Buenos Aires breathes cinema and the city’s public, famous for his cinephilia and faithfulness accompanies every issue in increasing numbers.

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