Archipelago of San

Archipelago of San Andr s, Providencia and Santa Catalina Motto: Capital St. Andrew Tourist Paradise creation 1912 (Quartermaster) 1991 (department) Gov. Pedro Gallardo Forbes (since 2008) Total area 52.5 km Population Total Density Census 2005 70,554 1343 , 88 inhabitants / km HDI 0.797 – Middle inhabitants San Andres / or Islander / or The Archipelago of San Andr s, Providencia and Santa Catalina (English and San Andr s: Archipelago of San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina) is a department of Colombia located at western Caribbean Sea, 775 kilometers (480 nautical miles) northwest of the country’s Atlantic coast and 220 km (140 nautical miles) from the eastern coast of Nicaragua. The provincial capital is San Andr s, but the archipelago has a single county, Providence. It is considered one of the most beautiful islands of Colombia with one of the best beaches in America.The department is the only one of Colombia which is composed of islands, cays and islets on a volcanic shelf of western Caribbean Sea and St. Andrew is the largest island of the country. On 23 June 1822, raised the banner of the then Republic of Gran Colombia as an independent state and the Empire of Spain on henry fool 23 June 1822 is supported within the territorial formation of the new nation in the Constitution of Cucuta. According to the census by the National Bureau of Statistics of henry fool Colombia of 2005, the department has a population of 70,554 inhabitants, the most densely populated of Colombia as the sum total of its land is only 44 km which represents a density of 1603.5 people per square kilometer makes it one of the islands are posing the greatest concentration of people from around the globe and puts them in a delicate balancing of resources. The main languages spoken in the territory are the Castilian and English. Edit