Food grown

The primary is rice that has a predominant trend in Malaysia and in most countries of the region. The rice eaten in Malaysia is a local variety of rice with characteristics of specific fragrance. The quality of grain (usually long grain) is similar to that used in the dishes basmati biryani. Rice has been short origenjapon s slowly leaking into the diets of the Malays. The noodles are another popular ingredient. Some of the noodles are known as “Mee Hoon, ” (vermicelli), “Kuay Teow, ” (flat noodles very similar to fettuccine, but made with rice), “Mee, (yellow noodles),” Mee Suah, “,” Yee Meen, (pre-fried noodles), “Tang Hoon, (transparent noodles made from soybeans), macaroni, and others that provide a source of carbohydrates in the dishes of this cuisine.The Western style bread is a new feature that is slowly gaining acceptance among the younger generation.