History and main

History and main features was founded in 1948. During 1947-48, a group of students from the Instituto Ramiro de Maeztu Castellana Federation enrolled in a basketball team named Ramiro de Maeztu in the third division, and a year later, during 1948-49 was constituted formally the “Students” under the auspices and the decisive support of Antonio Magari os, professor and director of studies at the Institute, and entered two teams with this exact name. Magari os Antonio was the first president of the club. Playing in the fields of the institute, a large number of teams at all levels from juvenile to junior club quarry has resulted throughout its history many great players and coaches of Spanish basketball.Among the players can mention Fernando Mart n, Alberto Herreros, Carlos Jimenez, Felipe Reyes, Sergio Rodr guez, Antonio Diaz-Miguel, Aito Garcia Reneses, Jes s Codina, Vicente Ramos, Juan Antonio Mart nez Arroyo, Gonzalo Sagi-Vela, Vicente Gil Nacho Azofra. Among the coaches can be quoted Jos Vicente Hern ndez (better known as Pepu Hernandez) in addition to those already mentioned Antonio Diaz-Miguel and Aito Garcia Reneses. All three coaches have been breeders of the Spanish basketball under whose leadership it has achieved its three major international achievements (a World Championships and two Olympic silver medals.) Students in the 1947-1948 season is Third Division runners-Castilla and ascends to the Second category. In the 1948-1949 season totals from second to first in 1949-1950 and reached the top level then existing.The first Spanish basketball league organized by the Spanish Basketball Federation, was held in 1957 with six teams: Aismalibar, FC Barcelona, Students, Youth Badalona, Sabadell Green Selvage and Real Madrid. The Real Madrid and the students participated as first and second Championship of Castile. Students is one of only three Spanish clubs which have maintained the Spanish top flight racing. Students have been four times runner-up in the Spanish League and three times winner of the Cup Internationally, since 1973 has participated in European competitions in twenty-four seasons playing in the Euroleague, the Cup Winners Cup, the Korac Cup, the Saporta Cup, the ULEB Cup , and the FIBA Cup Students played the final four of the Euroleague in Istanbul in 1992 and was runner-up in 1999 Korac Cup. He also played the final four in the FIBA Cup in 2007. Banner of Dementia in the Madrid Arena (match-Pamesa Students, November 19, 2005.The Student Club was also one of only two Spanish basketball club with teams at the two highest male and female national competitions for several seasons. In the 2008/09 season is the only Spanish basketball club with that feature. It also has many imaginative fans, known as “The Madness”, encouraging his team constantly and make the humor and irony a way of seeing basketball. Dementia has even received official recognition. The largely student crowd considered viable philosophy of keeping students together as a team “schoolyard”, the origin of the club, even within an increasingly professionalized basketball.The fact that some or many of the “insane” are disguised as Arabs have little to do with solidarity with the Palestinian movement-something personal which may coincide in some cases, but is independent of the equipment and the Institute, “is related rather with the historical moment which successfully popularized name for the hitherto DEMENTIA bloated to dry. It was during the years 75 and 76 and premiered DEMENTIA the name, and pranks invented cries, like going to cut traffic on the plaza of the dolphins at the beginning of the Christmas holidays, and chose their leaders, chief among which is a important place for obvious reasons Juana la loca: there was also Khomeini and his followers, most easy to imitate with a costume that de Juana … and hey, prospered attire. Also include “The Rafa Pe a”, “unpresentable” and “The Godfather” recently created in the 2005/06 season the average attendance of spectators at Madrid Arena during the regular season was 7062 persons.This figure places the students in the fourth team in that paragraph after Unicaja Malaga, Real Madrid and TAU Vitoria. Students are characterized by their origin and history, by the enthusiasm, passion for basketball, and some good play put romance above the results on many occasions. It also features an enthusiastic management and fan club, which has brought sweet victories, also some shades and a number of trophies rather lean. It is proverbial the intense rivalry with another Madrid basketball team just as Section Satellite born a football club.