Credit from 4.9% ready for the island Makes the car just slack Or is it simply time for a major overhaul of the house If the bank account of such requests can not cope, you can fulfill those wishes with a Credit quickly. You can also clear your checking account or save your MRP framework, saving you the high MRP rates. You can choose between a loan amount of 1,000 and up to EUR 200,000 and from 12 to 120 months duration, while you can rely on favorable interest rates and fixed repayment. With a Sofortkredit Now you can realize your desires.Your benefits at a glance * Sofortkredit credit decision in one hour * without payment information (SCHUFA) * Payment is usually within a few days * Special program for self-construction loans * * * Also save money on current account overdrafts and interest * processing and supply are basically free ! Take the time now to us, you can create your individual non-binding offer for a Sofortkredit of CLP-credit!