Executive Chair

I explains Bayer white from my numerous communications and time management seminars, many employees feel constantly overwhelmed and mostly foreign controlled. You must always greater performance without the formal transfer of a leadership position. “The worst part is: you feel with these challenges alone often abandoned.” How can the principle of Paternoster help? This is not a single isolated technique. Rather, it’s about the possibilities of the present. It comes to overlook details, the use of small steps, it’s going to constant developments that help to make the best of the circumstances. Result is a shift in perspective and the questioning of routine and habits. Opportunities and challenges to previously recognized, input and transfers the personal responsibility makes it easy, and promote the interaction in the team.

After this practical seminar not more unconscious feels exposed the structures and positions. You will recognize the light at the end of the tunnel, can get in between more air, and can carry on their business with greater satisfaction and success. New structures and requirements are not understood as additional burdens, but used for more discretion and sharpened his own profile. Three target groups are addressed: the first group is one of the executives offspring, must assume management tasks in the near future. In this case, the practical seminar on it will provide adequate preparation. The second group is satisfied with its current level. You wishing more but Possibilities of motivation and participation without having to sit on an Executive Chair. The third group consists of already appointed executives.

It wants to but even more entrepreneurial thinking and acting in the team. In any case, all businesses from all sectors are addressed. The practical seminar is prevalent nationwide by Niko Bayer in offered two-to three-day in-house events are tailor made for the customer. There is also the opportunity for open seminars on some prestigious management academies. More information by Niko Bayer – Web site:, E-Mail:, telephone: 06233 4598-524.