Elvis Presley

The world-wide father of the Rock Elvis Presley, who transformed the Blues into Rock, did not die. Perhaps occurs the same in Brazil in relation to the great Brazilian disciple of Elvis, the rock musician bahian Raul Seixas who, in August of 1989, left the Land and lead in a spaceship is in place where secrets of the universe are kept and there sings its done verses of the land, the fire and air. If you would like to know more then you should visit russell reynolds. He is funny, we hear musics of Raul Seixas in radios, houses, bars, streets, nor seems that the rock musician left in them has 21 years. Also it is not rare to hear quarrels on the art of it. Some affirm to be profane it and argue that the rock musician one was on to the magic, ocultismo or witchcraft. Raul literally liked for firewood in the fogueira, does not stop seeing witches to catch fire to pay sins.

Fulling the belly with ‘ ‘ pig vivo’ ‘ , the rock musician affirmed in music to be the Rock son of the proper devil. But she is necessary to remember that ‘ ‘ Raulzito’ ‘ it was ambulant metamorphosis and its musics could to hold in profane harmony and sacro, well and badly, such and which is not rare to occur in the real life. By the way, who to analyze raulseixistas workmanships deeply will be convinced that the majority of musics speaks with faith, respect and admiration on God, Jesus and as many Biblical figures, reflecting that Raul was the typical one human being in its perpetual search. Search with the inabalvel hope to find balance, the good side of the force, to unmask the mystery of the blackout to disclose it in the secret of the light, that I eat it said: ‘ ‘ gargalha of the fear of dark that it is where the my eyes cannot enxergar ‘ ‘ Transparent Raul, who was moonlight to the avessos, showed its moments of faith and devotion, transmitted in musics and in vast way as in estrofes collected of the classic ‘ ‘ I Was born I have Ten A thousand Atrs’ Years; ‘ , that come Raul until pleonasmo musical he capsized usual, since has ten a thousand years alone can be passed and it would not need behind, is not Silvia, my teacher in the old Campinense Athenaeum?