The Mathematics

It is important to demonstrate that the mathematics is not restricted only to the manipulation of numbers and operations, and that its use is essential and common in day-by-day of the individuals, therefore practical its must be exercised. It is standed out that the adopted methodology was analysis of texts of inherent books and articles to the subject. A form of compendiar the analysis searched, in a work that had the matrix of objetividade and wealth of data. All the bibliographical research was in felt to more than come close the history of the Mathematics, in order to bring subsidies for the work. 2REVISO OF LITERATURE 2.1A IMPORTANCE OF the MATHEMATICS In accordance with Bongiovanni, (1990), the Mathematics is part of the life of all the people, with bigger frequency to the measure that the years go if passing and a time that are coexisted and needed some types of calculations, geometric, logical figures, etc and to be learned, she is necessary basically of motivation. However still it is common to hear celebrates it question: ' ' So that to study Mathematics? ' '. As Andrini (1989) the study of the mathematics clarifies to this question with three basic answers: the mathematics allows optimum knowledge of the reality; the mathematics can assist in the organization of the reasoning; the mathematics provides great discoveries.

The mathematics if finds in the base of all scientific and technological advance. It is relatively easy to verify, for intermediary of the historical analysis of Mathematics, its essential function in the call technological progress that determined and determines the disequilibrium between nations, that made possible and makes possible conquest and settling, that caused and cause domain of a social classroom for another one. The Mathematics is universal, independent of factors as language, geographies or economies (D? AMBRSIO, 1986). For Saints (1961) the study of the Mathematics she is direct and first on to the study of the numbers and the presence of these it happens in the first years of life of a child, that is, of – also in the Infantile Education. .