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Business@times-Konzept by coretelligence is used the more sophisticated assessment of business development background information and recommendations for action complement Bad Oeynhausen metrics analysis / April 29, 2010 – so that the business managers in their decisions have confined in their area of responsibility rather than on mere numbers of analysis reports, the business consulting has designed coretelligence with Business@Times a solution for the more sophisticated assessment of business developments. Behind a corporate online business newspaper, which provides extensive information for a deeper understanding of the key figures and thus complements the analysis of E.g. business intelligence systems. In this way, you can better understand, so potential decisions can be made the reasons for deviations from the nominal values or other unplanned developments. The already realised concept had received a best practice Award 2008 and expanded now by the approach of data profiling. Business@times sees itself as a living knowledge management that provides decision makers at all levels with control-relevant information.

Play a clip feature role in the online magazine, because it combines the reports and the knowledge available in the different departments of a company and makes it accessible in the Business@Times employees. Key figures have always a history and are often in diverse conditions of effect, however, this information from the abstract numbers can be even not open up, even though they are for decisions of crucial”problematizes the coretelligence consultants Richard Vizethum. Therefore belong to the core objectives of the corporate online business newspaper, to complement the analyzed figures by decision-relevant knowledge. By the user with information about the conditions in the markets of each product, for example, provided current analyses of consumer behavior and code comparisons within product categories, gets it “much more nuanced understanding of the key figure to howsoever and can thus in case of need more precise control over against”, he describes the key benefits of the Business@Times-Konzepts. In addition to this interpretation tools that are accessible via a link from the relevant report, the internal economic online newspaper offers but also concrete recommendations for action to support.

As soon as a problem situation presents itself, because, for example, a measure outside of acceptable tolerance is advised, a button is automatically displayed, which link the user to the appropriate recommendation for action”, explains Vagadiya. In this way, Business@Times is not only a constantly accompanying issue helper, but this assistance also contribute, that erroneous decisions will not be repeated.”coretelligence to the concept of internal corporate online business magazine a comprehensive guide offers. It can be ordered free of charge at. About coretelligence: Coretelligence builds with the key figures-profiling a bridge between technology and business advice, developing a comprehensive, holistic information profile of the company, taking into account all relevant factors for the first time. This ensures a much more precise understanding of analysed indicators. Advising coretelligence is based on both broad and proven skills as well as an extensive methodological know-how to optimize sustainable operational information and decision-making processes.