Columbia Pictures

The world of the businesses is unstable, the biggest wealth of the companies is an unattachable good (the knowledge), the economy is globalizada, the business-oriented relations and work is marked by flexibility, the rhythm of the innovations defies the most shining strategies and the society demands the companies more than. In this scene who will be capable to direct a company? That qualities must have the leader of the future? How descobriz it? How to form it? Before even answering to these questions, it perhaps agrees asking in them if we must worrying in them about them. He will be that the leader of the future is of some different form of the leader of the past? Or more: he will have a leader of the future? That is an interesting question, therefore we have some leaders of the past who acted with all the characteristics that today we specify as the perfect ones for leaders of the future. Then we arrive at the conclusion that is not about a condition of time, past, gift or future, depends yes on the vision of who is in command. There we have some positive examples, as William Mcknight, an almost unknown one that almost directed 3M per 52 years and if it became celebrity and admired by the whole world entrepreneurs.

Or Bill Allen, more important executive director of the history of Boeing, was a pragmatic, afvel and shy lawyer. Already Harry Cohn, of Columbia Pictures, had the tyrant image, kept a whip close to the table and to the times he gave chicotada in the wood to emphasize its point of view. They say that the 1300 people who had appeared to its burial had not been there to say farewell themselves, but yes to certify itself of that it was really died. Then this history of leader of the future does not exist, exists yes people who do not know to lead and that more than the time she passes do not look for to adjust its methodology of work to the profile of the team that she leads.