Fuel Generator

The design of the central (parking) brake disk is completely improvised. Parts made of steel, The sv (ST5), except for a plastic ball on the end of the arm, having a radius of 7,5 mm. Brakes are equipped with only the rear (driven) wheels borrowed from the UAZ-452. Front – from the buggy nwa. The fuel tank as an air filter, muffler – prefabricated from the engine AP-2. But the cavity-homemade. Is made of shells strung together tightly blowtorch.

As for fitting, at the bottom of the cavity, then it is made from a segment tailpipe of a car Moskvich-408. "Micro tractor equipped with lighting devices for confident movement in traffic and at night (evening) time of day. Power is supplied from the tractor generator 700 W, working with relay control PP-350. At a set of engine 1800 rpm and more self-excited generator and confidently holds the load. Displayed on the dashboard ammeter, fuel gauge in the tank, oil pressure, tachometer, lamp control rotation, as well as a pointer to engine overheating.

Thermocouple temperature sensor is "Chromel-Kopel, mounted on the cooling fins of the cylinder heads. In conclusion – a few words for doubters. Practice from across convincingly shown the promise of a V-belt clutch in makeshift structures of agricultural machinery. Bribe the simplicity and reliability. Annual wear belts .Remennoe clutch can recommend designs with engines Zil-4, 5, AP-15. If we apply the trailing and leading pulleys of different diameters (stepped), it is easy to get a few gear ratios of transmission in conjunction with a four- gearbox.